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I'm making blankets for the Elderly. Would anyone like to help? (Updated Slideshow 1st Feb 2010) 'Show and Tell Friday' Grandmothers Photo.

Linking this to Cindy's 'Show and Tell Friday'. Romantic Home. Thank you Cindy for hosting. I do hope you find Grandmothers photo interesting.

Hi Everyone!

I've been so excited these last few days because the squares have started coming in. I would like to take this opportunity of thanking everyone so much for taking the time and trouble to crochet up some squares and send them in the post to me. It's been such fun to receive them.

If anyone is new to my blog I first mentioned this at the beginning of January. Last year I decided I wanted to make some blankets for the Elderly. Why the Elderly you are asking?

Well for those who haven't read me before my own Grandmother lived until the fine age of 103. She passed away roughly 15 years ago. I thought the absolute world of her. She lived in a bungalow on her own with only a cord for 'assistance'. She never once pulled the cord. My Aunt would pop in as my own Mother would. But my Grandmother washed and dressed herself. She cooked her own traditional English meal every lunchtime meat and two veg! She bathed herself and put herself to bed. What a wonderful woman she was. She lost two children one My Uncle Dereck when he was 6 years old and then very late in life she lost My Uncle Geoff he was 58. My Grandmother had 5 children. My Mother and her brother are still alive thankfully. She always thought of other members in the family and worried about them even in her 100's! Once you are a Mother you never stop worrying about your children even when they are seniors. My Grandmother worked from a very early age went into service and worked in bars in Public Houses. She always gave the pints of beer away, she was so kind. My Grandmother knew everything about Politics and History. Let's face it when you have been around that long you should know a fair bit. Her conversations were so interesting. She was so respected in her village and on her birthdays children would come from the local school to bring her cards they had made. She received a 100th Birthday card from the Queen and even made front page on the local Newspaper. Local Football clubs sent her also a signed Birthday card with all the names of the football players on, as she was a football fan too, supporting Aston Villa. There were often disagreements with my Father because he supported the other football club Birmingham City which was very near to the Villa.

My Grandmother was never no trouble to anyone. We loved to visit her and each visit was an absolute delight. We would often recall events from years ago. I'd take her crocheted cushions which I had made and she'd even go and have her hair set every two weeks, which was amazing not to mention sitting there for the 3 hours when she had a perm.

Right up until the last minute my Grandmother was never ill, thankfully. She just simply got tired and fell asleep.

Here's my Grandmother in her early twenties.

Wonderful Grandmother.

As I've said before, I think this is why I feel so deeply about helping the Elderly. I realise there are lots of people who don't have the visitors, who can't cope on their own. Some of them are even homeless on the streets. Also there are people in Nursing homes who are in need of blankets as I have found out recently. We all love a blanket to cuddle while watching TV don't we? Imagine how a pretty blanket could bring a smile to someone.

I hope you can help. If everyone could just send one square I would be most grateful. I know postage is expensive.

For those who would like information

6" x 6" - (15cms x 15cms)
Knitted or Crocheted
Acrylic I think would be better (if possible) don't worry if you havent got Acrylic.
Any design, any colour. (Basic Granny Square or more involved up to you!)
Just odd bits of wool/yarn you have left over from projects. I don't want it to cost any one
No panic, no rush, no deadline. This is something I want to be doing all year.

I'm over the moon with the help I have already received.  I would like to thank Brenda (UK),  Molly (USA), Karin (Netherlands), Kim (UK). Helen (USA). Fantastic friends thank you! Also for squares which are on their way. I know it takes awhile to receive them.

I hope you can make a cup of tea and look at the slide show of the squares I have received already.

Wonderful, wonderful squares! I'm so 'chuffed' and 'excited!'. Thank you everyone! OOh! there's one other thing. Could I ask a favour? If you'd like to give my squares a plug on your blog that would be great, thank you. xx


  1. Wow I loved hearing about your sweet Grandma I have one to she unfortunately has gotten ill and is now in a nursing home. But my husbands grandmother is doing well and is 96 still living on her own.
    The pictures were wonderful. And I think it is great all the squares you are collecting! The slide show was wonderful also all the fabulous colors someone will be so blessed by the blanket. ~Have a wonderful week ~Love Heather

  2. Morning Sue, the squares are looking great, you are going to have a lot of sewing together - you will have to organise a "sewing bee"! Your Grandmother sounds lovely, you never forget them do you - mine was a huge inspiration to me too and I miss her like crazy. Have a great day. **Kim x

  3. Hi Sue,
    My grandmother was 103 when she passed away too. She was the mother of 14 children and around 50 grandchildren! They were made of sturdy stuff in those days weren't they?
    Your blanket idea is a good one.
    My CWA group churns out heaps of blankets for the elderly as well as tiny hats and blankets for premmy babies.

  4. What a neat and pretty lady your Grandmother was! I have to look for my grandma's portrait too and show it to you, she also looks great.

    I will post about your project on my blog, of course!

  5. ICKS.... This project completely slipped my mind with all I have going on here. I'll take a break from Lolli and start granning. Glad you showed what colors you have gotten so far. Looks like anything goes, which you can imagine is right up my alley. Bright and cheerful. This is going to turn out great.

    What a sweet grammy you had. Mine lived to 99.6 as we say. I still cherish her memory with each stitch I make. All my love for crafting and gardening came from her. It pretty much skipped my mom, except for the decorating and color sense. We both love our colors.

    Off to start the tiler and then find a grannie pattern and hit the stash.

    Sound like things are settling back well as can be expected with your new house guest/daughter. Now, all you need is the other one back home and you will be all set.


  6. Your grandmother was a very attractive lady. Saw the squares on Flickr - my the blanket is going to be wonderful and I am sure very much admired

  7. A fantastic and heart warming post and a wonderful idea, I am going to make them for the elderly in my area too....before my mom passed away at 83 in 2002, she had to be in a rest home for 24/7 care. My DH and I went everyday to visit mom and after 1 1/2 years she went to sleep one evening and didn't wake. I miss her everyday, but I learned a lot about homes and how many people are there that people, family, friends, just forget about because of their own busy lives, and so I have been trying to think of something to do that would be a charity that is from my heart and a contribution to my mom, and reading this now gives me that very idea. I will post a link to your blog for my viewers to also go to help you too. I hope you can do the same for me... coodles to you and God Bless.....Debb I will be posting on my blog

  8. That's amazing about your grandma! Since you said you are in no rush, maybe my mom and or I could do a couple. Just don't hold your breath waiting!!! And hers will be much better than anything I could ever do.

  9. Wow! What a great project and so many special talented women to participate and so many lovely colorful blocks.

  10. I love your slideshows, they turned out great. Of course your squares are just fantastic. I think your Grandmother is smiling down on you right now. Chat later

  11. Sue, I enjoyed reading about your dear grandmother so much. I am very interested in old times and how people used to live. She sounds like the kind of woman I want to be. So amazing that she lived her life so healthy. She was a blessed woman and you are blessed to have had her as your grandmother. Thank you for telling us about her. Twyla

  12. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful lady... your grandmother!

    I love your slideshow, nice to see the amount of colourful squares. There will be a lot of sewing or crocheting to join them...

    Have a nice weekend!
    ~X~ Karin

  13. Thanks for visiting with me over at my blog and yes you guessed it my Mom and Grandma taught me to sew when I just a wee little girl about 6 and I haven't stopped since :) Have a Wonderful week `Blessings Love Heather


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