Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Kim's Squares - Update on Slideshow. (Squares for Elderly). (Please see Jan 27th post for info).

Hello Everyone!

It's a very wet Tuesday here today. I'm having a 'me' day. Why not? I have to pop out later to mom's but at the moment I'm sitting here with a nice cup of tea and talking to you.

Last night I'm pleased to say I lost 2 1/2 pounds. Now I have had a stomach bug at the weekend so I don't know whether this was due to that or whether it's my slimming plan. Probably a bit of both! Anyway, I was pleased.

I thought in my posts I would show you some close ups of the squares that are coming in. I'm not showing these in any particular order, just picking at random.

KImbles sent me these beautiful squares.(UK).

Kimbles at Home sends me a gift. Lavender sachet  with her gorgeous squares. Thank you Kimbles!

These squares are from Kim, I'm sure you love the squares as much as I do! Inside the package which I received from Kim was a beautiful Lavender sachet which she had crocheted.  She grows Lavender at home in the garden which she then dries and makes into little Lavender sachets. I can't tell you how wonderful this smell is.  I keep the sachet with the other squares and everytime I get the squares out the smell of Lavender floats around my room! It's such a good idea you know, possibly a great gift for Christmas. So thank you Kim for the pretty squares and also for the gorgeous sachet.

I do hope everyone will pop over to Kim's blog.  She loves Crocheting as we all do, but enjoys Knitting too.  She's recently made one of those scarves with all the little bobbles on. Her talents are endless. She's also had a go at cake making recently and made a great job of icing those little flowers on top. Brilliant work. We've also read about her week in Pantomine which she achieved successfully!

I'd like to thank you all for the wonderful response I've had from the last post about my Charity Crocheting. In particular from Kathy who also does a lot of work for charity. I hope you will pop over to  her blog. She  does a lot of work for various charities.

A Big Thank you today to Amy Woo for her pretty squares received yesterday. It's so lovely when I see the postie walk down my drive. :) !

Now I must do my Slide show for today. Then I have some Crocheting to do for Valentines Day. Then it's square time!

Great fun, have a good day everyone!


  1. All of the squares are lovely and very colourful too. there are some great new patterns in them too.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. The squares are gorgeous! What a great thing to be doing! Some lovely designs and colours there! Ros

  3. Hi Sue, I am late checking blogs today - thank you for the huge mention - no wonder Im always feeling tired - it sounds like I do loads he!he! and you are most welcome to the squares and the sachet. Enjoy your "you" time **Kim**x

  4. Hi Sue!

    I recognize several squares from Jan Eaton's book!
    They are colourful and they will make beautiful blankets!

    ~X~ Karin

  5. Oh my the blanket is going to be beautiful with all those lovely squares.
    Congrats on the loss - every little bit helps. Now would you mind taking some of mine so I can lose too VBG :-)


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