Saturday, 6 February 2010

Karin's Donation of Squares (Blankets for the Elderly).

Hi Everyone!

Well it's Sunday evening now. I actually had this post ready and up to go last night. But Blogger decided to play up and it's taken me quite a while to get signed in. Does anyone else have these problems, or is it just me?

I must apologise I've been a bit late getting round my blogs over the last few days. The lap top has been playing up as well  hopefully it's okay now.

Saturday afternoon was spent  doing  some dressmaking repairs.  Little Miss Twin bought a sparkly dress in the sale a few weeks ago, it had short sleeves.  Well she asked me if I would remove the sleeves, so this is what I have been doing took me longer than what I would have liked. The sequins were flying everywhere, but I'm pleased to say I've had a good result with it. She wore it last night and she was really pleased with it.

I've been finishing my Crocheted Carnations off this weekend along with some Valentine Butterflies. I'll be showing these probably tomorrow. I'm really pleased I've managed to get them finished, now I can start concentrating on the squares.

I would like to thank Jak 'Winter Tells' for her beautiful squares which arrived last week and also from  Pilar for her gorgeous selection. It's always so lovely to see that Postie walk down my drive. I should imagine he is wondering what's going on at my address. I'm getting so excited now to see the collection of squares, all different designs and indeed colours.  I am going to start 'planning' now. So hopefully it won't be too long before I can assemble them together.

I would like to show you Karin's squares. Aren't they gorgeous?  Karin lives in the Netherlands it's actually her birthday on the 7th. So from all your blogging friends Karin 'Happy Birthday!'.  I do hope you will check Karin's blog out. She loves to Crochet as we all do.  She has a few crocheting books and often tries out new patterns for squares.  Karin is not afraid of colour and really likes to use purples, blues etc in her work. She's made some really nice things, getting inspiration from Attic 24 on occasions. Baking is one of Karin's favourite pastimes, and she makes the most beautiful cakes! She also enjoys walking in her free time with her friend and enjoys being outside in the fresh air. She loves her family as we all do and even celebrates her birthday with her daughter! How lovely.

'Happy Birthday Karin!'. Enjoy your day!

Beautiful Squares from the Netherlands arrived this morning. Thank you so much Karin aan de haak.

PLEASE VISIT 28/1/10. Karin aan de haak sent me these beautiful squares this morning.

Beautiful squares thank you Karin!

I've just crocheted Lou two squares a 12" and a 6" for her Charity work

and also Linda 3 - 8" squares for an ongoing project she's doing.

One good turn deserves another. I am really, really interested in making  the  blankets for the Elderly, but these are worthwhile causes so I thought why not. Both ladies get involved in numerous charities and give their time freely.

I do hope you friends in America are not snowed in! I see the weather on the news is pretty bad over there. Please don't send it to us in the UK! :)

I hope everyone has a good  weekend.  I might be late coming on tomorrow I have plenty to do this week as Little Miss Twin (2) is coming back home.  My Daughters celebrate their 24th birthday on Wednesday too, so I have to 'prepare'  and get myself ready for their birthday celebrations. We'll see how the time goes.

I hope everyone had a really good weekend, and I'll chat soon.


  1. Dear Sue, your words make me blush.
    You're so kind. Thank you!!!
    My birthday (since a few minutes "yesterday") was really nice.
    Hope you get everything in the right place before your daughter comes back home!
    ~X~ Karin

  2. Nice to see all the lovely squares.
    Aren't girls great when they want "adjustments" done to their clothing and asap :-)

  3. Hi Sue, thanks for the mention. It's lovely to see all those colourful squares in these drab days of February. I'm really looking forward to seeing them all put together.
    Jak x

  4. Hi there Su! Those squares are coming in thick and fast and looking great. Can't wait to see your Valentine butterflies! Enjoy the week. Ros

  5. I missed this on Saturday. I need to make you a button from my scroller so I can find you faster. I can't keep up with all.

    Let the seamster begin. I can feel her moving in right now. The sewing and repairing has begun. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all go well for this move.

    If I figure out the grab the button code I will send it to you.....

    Off to fix dinner. Goodness knows what that will be tonight.

    Kate -xoxoxoxo

    Great job on all these squares.


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