Thursday, 25 February 2010

SIBOL - 'Sunshine International Blankets of Love'.

Hi Everyone!

I'm really pleased to say that we've thought of a name at last for the Blankets. 'SIBOL' - 'Sunshine International Blankets of Love'. After feedback from our circle of friends we think this is a good name. So thank you everyone for helping me.

Wednesday I received Squares from 'Handmade in Gibraltar', thank you so much Louise your Squares are really lovely. I particularly like these Squares that have the four square pattern in them. I must try them. You are all definitely giving me some interesting things to try my hand at.

I also received Squares from Gillian. Now Gillian is a friend of Kathy. They both belong to Martin's Money Saving site. If you live in the UK you probably know Martin off GMTV. They have a Knitting Forum on his site where they make things for Charity. I'm very pleased to say Gillian, Kathy and Linda have now contributed Squares to my project. I'm extremely grateful thank you!

The Squares are certainly mounting up now and I can't wait to start no.3.  I have been finishing my Crocheted Basket Cover off. I'll post some photos in a few days.  This is for the Kitchen, colours blue and white to match my Kitchen.  I'm pleased it's finished now I don't like doing two projects at the same time. Now I can concentrate on the third Blanket.

Every day I am getting new offers of Squares, Rita in the UK very kindly is sending me some and Darmaris in Puerto Rica would you believe. I am just amazed how everyone has taken on this project of mine. Thank you. Oh, also Pilar in Spain is asking whether she can send some 12" Squares. She wants to try out a new pattern and wondered whether I could incorporate these into my Blankets too! Such fun! Of course I said Yes! So thank you Pilar! Everyone is so......kind.

I've put the new Squares into the Slideshow for you all to have a look at.

Shall we all wish Kate a very happy holiday! She's leaving us all for a month. We all hope you have a good time and a well earned rest away from all your building work! We'll be here when you get back! Take care!

Bye for now, back to the Squares.


  1. We will just call you "The QUEEN" of the squares. This has to be so much fun for you to see all these adorable squares coming in daily.

    Psssst.... I really, really think you need to keep on from yourself. So as you work on you can snuggle up amoungst all you friends.

    Does anyone second that?

    Can't wait to see the reveal.

    Laptop is packed and ready to go. Promise to check in, as I know it works there from last years visit. Something new to take pictures of...yipee.

    Adios Hugs,
    Kate - TGB

  2. Hi Sue

    The name for the blankets is perfect - it really sums up the global flavour of the squares!


  3. I love that name. SIBOL, it sounds like some international organization, which is what it is in fact!
    I second Kate's idea, you should really keep one of the blankets for yourself, so we all would be there with you as you work on them!

    Hugs Pilar

  4. Sue the name is perfect! It includes everyone working on it. You have really received some beautiful squares. Wouldn't it have been nice if you could have created a book with the photo and pattern of each different style of square. Now that would have been a seller. You take care and don't work too hard. Hugs

  5. SIBOL is a wonderful name. I think Molly is right, it would have been a great book full of resources.
    BTW - Knit4Charities is an Australian based group which has members worldwide. They also crochet. Most of the charities are Australian, but some international ones are included too.
    I think you need some sort of memento from these wonderful squares/blankets!!! Not sure what yet.
    Any one else with an idea - other than Kate's wonderful one :-)

  6. Sue, I just love looking at the blocks as they arrive! The one with four little squares in one is so interesting. Thank you so much for your telephone story. I just loved it and could picture every moment. Oh my gosh, thank goodness we aren't judged by the sum of our nervousness! Have a lovely weekend! Elizabeth

  7. I'm off to find some wool so I can give the squares a go - mine will have to be knitted though. Will do some as fast as I can

  8. Hi Sue, sorry Im late to this post - no power last night and for some reason I wasn't able to log on to your blog this morning until now!! one of those strange things - I am so glad you went with the SIBOL idea - its universal. Yep and we should all send a square for you have your own special SIBOL blanket! Have a great weekend Sue!! **Kim**x

  9. Hi Sue, SIBOL seems to fit the blankets charmingly. It must be exciting receiving packages from all around the world. Have a great weekend.
    Jak x

  10. Hi Sue! are the Queen of Squares.
    I hope you can make lots of Sibols!!!!
    Have a very nice weekend!!
    ~X~ Karin


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