Tuesday, 23 February 2010

'Sunshine Blankets' (Haven't decided 100% on the name yet,any ideas?) Squares arrived this morning from Elizabeth Cat hope you'll stop by.

Hi Everyone on Tuesday morning!

What excitement this morning! I saw the Postie walk on to the drive. I had the front door locked because the lock is playing up. Got my bundle of keys to open up, well I just could not find the proper key. I kept trying different keys, so silly. It was because I was excited I think. I managed to open the front door, then I couldn't open the Porch Door, that keeps sticking too! Poor fella was standing out there for ages!

This morning I received a parcel from Elizabeth Cat from Lativa. You probably all know her on Flickr. She makes the most beautiful Squares and the nice thing about Elizabeths work is that she combines different yarns into her Squares. You know the yarns which have a texture. So when the Squares are made up the feel of them is just fantastic. This is certainly something I will be trying.

Maria I will be putting you next to Kate in the next Blanket. Any more requests? I'll put one of my Squares by you both too! As well as the edging!

I couldn't wait to take some photos to show you all and to update my Slideshow. This is something I really enjoy.

Here goes make yourself a cuppa and enjoy looking at the Squares this morning. Thank you so much Elizabeth! Total 132 Squares. Thank you.

Anyone who would like to help in my Elderly project please go to 27th Jan / 14th Feb Post. Thank you. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun whether you Crochet or Knit.


  1. Wow Sue!
    These squares are absolutely stunning.
    Elizabeth Cat has done very well!
    Must feel great to receive these parcels with squares again and again.
    ~X~ Karin

  2. The squares get prettier and prettier. What a success this project is .

  3. Don't know if any of my squares are left but one next to Kate, Karin and Maria would be great and of course you!!my bloggie pals!. This is such a good project Sue, very well done and Elizabeth Cat's squares are really lovely! What a surprise for you each time the postie arrives!!! SIBOL Sunshine International Blankets of Love, then if your make loads for the elderly you could switch to other causes! Hope the snow has finally gone!! Have a good day dear Sue! **Kim**x

  4. Lovely squares for your lovely blankets, I have posted some to you, hope they are not too wet it was pouring when I went to the post office! Love the SIBOL name.
    Louise xx

  5. Wow, you already finished the second afghan. It looks very nice. From how many countries did you get squares yet?
    I hope your snow will be gone soon. Ours is nearly melted.

  6. Wow I am excited to have squares next to Kim as well as the lovely Kate and wonderful Sue and whoever is the fourth side !!!
    Elizabeth's work is absolutely wonderful

  7. OK, so are we driving Suzy-Q nuts yet. Are we all too fun. Just throw all us nuttie hooker into a big pile in the middle of the room and attach. What a bunch of sillie old bags we are. Please do not stress about getting us all together.

    But, next to Maria, above Kim and 2 down the left from Sue, but 3 diagonal form Elizabeth, but with Kimbles on the right for a second and Oh, let not forget Helen, one in her honor right in the center.....now, who did I miss... chuckle-chuckle.

    Is that Check Mate?

    You know I'm kidding.
    Just avoiding going to pack.

    Seriously, I only have my yarn ready.

    Glad to read I'm not the only one looking out the window for Mr. Postie.

    kate- <3 <3 <3


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