Saturday, 27 February 2010

Happiness on Saturday!

Hi Everyone!

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. The weather here in the UK is pretty miserable. We've had rain, it's wet and dull. But we are lucky, so lucky compared to others around the world. So what do I do on a miserable day, when there's not much else to do? Yes you've guessed it, get out my beautiful Squares.

Last night I got my Square collection out and lay them on the floor. I have a theme for this one. Can't tell you too much it will spoil the surprise. This morning dear Mr. Postie visited me again and I was really chuffed to receive Rita's Squares. They are the most beautiful colours, so appropriate for my 'Sunshine Blankets!'. They are so bright and cheerful. I have used two of these Squares in the Blanket that I was laying out last night, they will finish the Blanket off beautifully. Absolutely lovely they are. The Squares are of a Granny Design, but just look how using different colours makes each one so different.

I'm updating my Slideshow and playing 'Saint-Saens' - 'Aquarium'. Oh how I love some nice classical music.

Have a good weekend everyone and I'll be checking in next week with hopefully no 3!

Look at Rita's beautiful Sunshine Squares, thank you Rita. So bright and cheerful.

Rita from the UK sent me these lovely Granny Squares today. Thank you so much! Such gorgeous colours! If you would like to help please visit


  1. Olá, os squares estão realmente muito alegres, até dá gosto ver, aqui em Portugal também está um tempo horrível, muita chuva e muito vento, a nossa Madeira então, nem se fala está mesmo destruída, mas temos que aceitar, há coisas piores. Por isso este post alegrou-me o dia. Bom fim de semana, bjos doces

  2. Wow Sue!

    I think it will never stop. You'll receive those beautiful squares for ever!

    ~X~ Karin

  3. Rita's squares are full of happiness. They deserve a nice dark yarn for joining that brings out these bright colours, don't you agree?

    Weather in Spain is also very bad, as in Portugal. They've forecasted a 'perfect storm' for this weekend - let's hope no more lives are to be lost.


  4. Rita whoever you are those squares are beautiful and would you share your pattern please??

  5. I'll see if I can get in touch with her.I only have an email address. She doesn't have a blog or Flickr.

  6. Hmm! Yes, a miserable, rainy, dull day here in Norfolk too! The squares are looking beautiful. I love the colour of the new batch! Can't wait to see blanket number 3. I've spent this dull day puppy walking, sock knitting and Winter Olympics watching. :) Ros

  7. In amongst a few family dramas with elderly parents I'm knitting away as fast as I can.

    Knitted squares don't have such lovely colourful designs as those lovely crocheted ones though.

  8. Oh, I just love visiting and browsing your blog. You do the most beautiful and exquisite work I've ever seen. The colors you choose are such happy and pretty ones. Thank you so much for sharing your hard work.

  9. To Anonymous

    I have chatted with Rita. She says its just a basic Granny Square.When she finishes a round, she slip stitches into the next chain space. Then chain 2 and carries on.

    I'd like to know who I'm chatting too, we are all friends on here. Did you have trouble signing in?
    If you'd like to contact me that way, you are most welcome to.
    Thank you.

  10. These squares are perfect for their sunshine factor, and a beautiful Daffodil card
    Wondering what you have up your sleeve for the next blanket - but I am going to keep my guessing to myself ☺

  11. Hi Sue! Finally made it back to blogland - hope you had a good weekend, we were absolutely plagued with power cuts hence why I haven't been on here - so tiresome!!! Just blocking some squares to send to you including one for you - yes for your own blanket! and one very special one from my daughter Michelle - she wanted a square to be included and as you know she is a real novice to crochet. Take care **Kim**X

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