Tuesday, 2 March 2010

'SIBOL' - New Squares arrived from USA and Singapore! Updated Slideshow.

Hi Everyone!

Just checking in to let you see the latest Squares! I had 'two' packages this morning. I know aren't I a lucky girl!

Two ladies over on Flickr have very kindly sent me Squares.

Flickr ed4448 - Cathy sent me some beautiful Squares this morning. All the way from U.S.A. She lives very near to the 'Smoky Mountains'. I was saying to her I bet the scenery is really beautiful.She was really very kind to send me a great selection and they will be very useful in my Blankets. The colours are amazing and the pattern looks really nice with the colours that she's used.

ed4448 All the way from the USA! Beautiful pattern, gorgeous colours! THanks so much! Anyone wanting to help me make 'Sunshine Blankets' please visit suesfavouritethings.blogspot.com

Aren't I a lucky girl! Beautiful squares from ed4448 from Louisville USA. Thank you!!

Then Flickr arien156 - Aishwarya. Funny how these two packages were bundled up together with an elastic band, sitting there in my porch waiting for me to get back this morning! Aishwarya lives in Singapore. She loves her Crocheting and she's made some beautiful cushions which I hope you'll check out over on Flickr.

Squares from arien156 from Singapore! I love the designs and colours, thank you so...much! :) Such fun!

arien156 Your Squares have arrived! All the way from Singapore! :) What beautiful designs and colours! Thank you! :)

A message from Rita 'To Anonymous'.
She thanks you very much for your kind comments!
(I wish I knew who you are! - keeping me guessing! )

Enjoy my Slideshow and many thanks for the Squares received today from Cathy and Aishwarya. x


I've made a 'spin off' type of blog. I've been working really hard these last few days during the day, crocheting at night!
Molly had a fantastic idea about making a book with patterns in for the squares so we can reference them.
I just thought that I would do a 'spin off' blog with a bit of HIstory at the beginning of why I wanted to do the project. Then when the Squares come in will try and post individually and if everyone can send a note to say where they got the pattern from that would be great. I can then update the new blog. More work for me, but hey who cares! But 'Mrs Twins' is my main blog and I really want to be using this one. Hope I haven't confused you all. For example there might be a square which has come from the 200 book. So if you can just say 'what book', 'what page' maybe. So if anyone likes the pattern they might try and get hold of the book. Copyright is a problem I think too. Details of patterns will go on the 'SIBOL' blog.

Now did I read something about 'group blogging!' how does that work? Does anyone know? So we all could write bits in. I have no idea, my next challenge. Be nice if we could all post on the same blog!! These ideas keep a spinning round!!!!!

Enjoy and thanks Molly!


  1. Soooooooooo jealous. This has turned into one fun project for you. Some real beauties have arrived again. It mush be so much fun for you when Mr. Postie arrives almost daily. Has he asked what you are up too yet? Can't wait to see your next MasterPiece.

    Kate - The Garden Bell.....just back from a morning walk on the beach. Cooler today, but I'm not complaining on I-oat-Ta. Loving having a cool breeze blowing through the bungalow.

  2. Hi Sue,

    It must quite exciting to receive such lovely packages from around the world, I too, am quite jealous, lol!
    Jak x

  3. Beautiful squares keep coming to your place, isn't that nice? I think Mr. Postie has made a bet with his co-workers at the office: 'Will Mrs. Twins have a parcel today?' ;-)

  4. Hey Sue, your postie will be claiming overtime you are keeping him so busy!! But seriously I am so pleased this project has taken off so well for you - really exciting. **Kim**x

  5. Yes, you are a lucky girl....
    a very lucky girl!

    ~X~ Karin

  6. Oh those are some lovely squares no doubt you will work your wonderful handwork and they will turn into a beautiful blanket! I just love the color red... My husband just returned home from Singapore and brought me the most beautiful silk shawl. I enjoyed visiting over here with you today ~Love Heather

  7. Hi Sue! More wonderful squares coming in!! Great idea the new blog, and yes, you should keep "Mrs Twins" as your main blog. I don't have a clue of how "group blogging" works, but it sounds cool! I'll try and send the patterns for the squares with the next parcel I send you.
    Hugs Pilar

  8. Sue, you've received so many fantastic squares, you must be so proud. Okay, about group blogging, the link below several of us belong to and we each can post whenever we want to. If you go to the site and look on the right side it will tell you who to email if you want to join it, but I bet if you just email her and ask how it works she could tell you. I am one that is allowed on the inside because I made our grab button and did the background, but she set it up at first. Go check it out and she will help you. Take care my friend



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