Monday, 15 March 2010

I've always liked Fans.

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all had a nice weekend.  I have to apologise if I'm a bit behind with things. I have been having trouble signing in and also I have a problem with my side bar. Bethel has given me some advice and I'm working on it. Thanks Bethel. She said my Blog roll is there 'right down the bottom'. Yes, that's right, right down into the deep blue sea! It is there, I just got to get it up to where it should be. Trouble is in Layout, everything is where it should be. I am wondering whether I have an error on one of my posts which is causing side stuff to go further down. 

Could I just say that please don't forget to try my 'Mrs Twins' - spin off blog. 'SIBOL'  This is a 'team blogging' effort. It seems to be such fun at the moment because we are getting new Followers every day.  This is where we are posting about the Blankets. So please check it out.

I thought I'd share my photos with you today.  Now I have to say the first photo I'm going to show you is really old. We're talking 30 years roughly. Mr. Twin and myself went off to London for the day long before we were married. We went to one of these Photographic Studios where they dress you up in the old clothes. Mr. Twin didn't want to of course, but I gently persuaded him. I treasure this photo.  Now it's not very good because I have all my old photos in a set frame on the hallway wall. I wasn't able to take the photos out, so I've got reflection on them. Sorry about that. I just want to point out the Fan I'm holding. Of course I didn't make anything of it at the time, but as my life goes on with my Husband I have noticed that Fan's seem to crop up strangely enough. I've cut him off I'm really sorry about that, but I find sharing 'my family' with the 'Whole wide World' a bit uncomfortable. I know you'll understand.
So this photo was taken in London.

I'm holding a Fan again!

When we married in June 1983, I decided I didn't want the traditional bouquet of flowers. I wanted something different. I remember writing up to a Wedding magazine and asking for a different idea. They suggested holding a Fan.  I remember going into town to try and find a Fan.  I bought one from a wonderful hat shop.  It didn't cost very much  and my local Florist attached beautiful fresh flowers for my Wedding Day.

Well here's Mrs Twins 27 years this June. I did love my Wedding Day!

Then when our Daughters were around 9 yrs of age. We went to the Granada TV Studios in Manchester. Once again I persuaded Mr Twins  'to dress up' something which he never took kindly too. Our Daughters must follow after him because for some reason that day they wasn't in the mood to dress up.  So they both stood at the side taking photos.  Well I'm pleased they did because this photo was taken by one of them. Here we are again dressed up and I'm  'holding a fan'.

This photo was taken at the Granada Studios in Manchester. I'm holding a Fan!

As I said we got married in 1983.  I have kept my Wedding dress and veil all these years upstairs in my wardrobe.  A while back when I was making my 'ripple' blankets I crocheted something without saying at the time. I decided to give my Wedding Fan a make over but with a bit of 'ripple' on it.  I crocheted some flowers and attached them on to the Fan.  So now rather than been stuck in my Wedding dress bag upstairs in my wardrobe. I have my Fan on show in my Conservatory.  I have been waiting for the better weather to come so that I can take a better photo.

Very strange to me how Fans have cropped up one way or another over the years, but I'm really pleased they have.

My Wedding Fan looking a bit battered! Well it is 27 years old. Time for a makeover!

'Before' photo. I've decided to give my Wedding Fan a make over!

I could have used more lightweight cotton, but I don't like working in it.

Getting out the Wedding Car 'with my fan!'.

My Wedding Fan (27 years later 2010)

Have a good week everyone!


  1. Sue!
    This is very well done. Hope you enjoy your fan another 27 years.
    ~X~ Karin

  2. Beautiful story. I love how you recycle things and keep them 'alive'!

  3. Thanks for sharing such lovely memories withus
    Kindest Regards Linda

  4. What a great idea.No point leaving the fan in the cupboard. Hope you have it on displat in the conservatory as it is very pretty.

    I have to say that you have my utmost admiration. Getting your husband to dress up is an achievement indeed. The only time I managed it was for out kilted up photos in Scotland. It was such a hoot but our daughter disowned us in the shop! Stood by laughing at us and shaking her head in amazement while we had lots of fun.

  5. How lovely the fan looks. Only 2 years ago I gave away my wedding dress. I had always hoped that one of my daughters might where it, but alas, they are all taller than me. The dress would have only come down to their calves ☺ ☺ ☺

  6. Thanks for sharing your photos and memories. Its strange sometimes how we can be attracted to a particular object and not even realize it. It seems I have a tendancy to buy things in 2's, must be a twin thing, lol!
    Jak x

  7. My great-aunt (married to my grandpa's brother) loved fans and had a collection hanging on her wall for years.

  8. What a lovely post! You looked beautiful on your wedding day and what a great idea. The flowered fan is lovely! Ros

  9. Fans are rather popular round here, you can probably imagine. I even have a little case for mine so it doesn't get damaged being carted around in my bag. My mother in law opens and closes her fan with a lovely flourish that I try and copy !!
    Lovely to see your photos
    Louise x

  10. thats beautiful
    greeting floortje


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