Saturday, 20 March 2010

Ta - Dah! 'Across the Oceans' SIBOL. (4th Sunshine Blanket).

Hi Everyone!

May I thank Kim for her 'sunny Squares' which were received yesterday. They really are bright and cheerful! I didn't have chance to put them on here yesterday. Also this morning I received some really pretty Squares from Debra. I do hope you are 'tuning' in. Debra lives in Bowie, USA. Thank you very much for the Squares they have been received okay.

Kimbles Sunshine Squares! Aren't they bright and sunny! Thank you!

Kim's Sunny Squares (above)

Beautiful Squares from Debra, USA. So pretty!

More Squares from across the pond USA. Debra Thank you very much!

Debra's Squares (USA)

Now the fourth Blanket is finished. With the help of my International Friends I am very happy to introduce you to 'Across the Oceans' SIBOL.

'Across the Oceans' SIBOL.

Last night I uploaded photos on Flickr of the latest Blanket.  Pertinitaco (Pilar) was on line at the time and she suggested that we call the Blanket 'Across the Oceans' SIBOL.  She said the Blanket reminds her of the maritime flags they use on ships, like the 'signal flags'.  When you look at it yes I can see what she means. It's because of Kim's 'Anatasia X', we think.  She said the blue curly edge looks just like the sea waves.

Bethel said, " We are all across the Oceans from each other but at the end of a click in 'cyberspace!'.


Kate                         (The Garden Bell)  (USA)
Cathy                       (Ed 4448) Flickr     (USA)
Rita                                                         (UK)
Elizabeth Cat            (Flickr)                    (Latvia)
Brenda                     (BrendaS2 Flickr)    (UK)
Aishwarya                (Arien 156)              (Singapore)
Louise                      (Handmade in Gibraltar)
Pilar                         (Flickr Pertinitaco)    (Spain)
Michelle                   (Kim's Daughter 'Little Kimbles'.  (UK)
Kim                         (Kimbles at Home)                       (UK)
Amy                        (Amy Woo Flickr)                        (UK)
Sue (Me)                 (Mrs Twins)                                 (UK)
Jacquie                    (Bunny Mummy)                           (UK)

I would like to say that if you don't see your Square please bear with me. I seem to be colour co-ordinating! It will be shown. All Squares will be made into Blankets and donated to the Elderly.

Thank you 'Happy Saturday!'. Enjoy looking at the Squares!


  1. They are getting lovelier and lovelier -- You must be absolutely thrilled .
    Kindest Regards Linda

  2. Thanks for posting about my squares - I'm glad they got there safely. All of the afghans are very pretty - you're doing a great job. :)

  3. Great blanket!
    Great name: Across the Oceans!
    Absolutely fantastic how you combine colours and make a pattern!
    ~X~ Karin

  4. I love to see all the colourful squares, just what we need right now, some colour on this damp drizzly day.
    Jak x

  5. Olá, que lindo que ficou, e o nome é apropriado, parabens a todas as colaboradoras, bjos doces

  6. Perfect name. You get better with each one. Hope all is well. Just trying to catch up on all my buddies blogs tonight. Today was 75 and not a cloud.

    Happy at the Beach,
    The Garden Bell - Kate

  7. You are doing a great job, Sue.
    Keep up the good work. You make us proud!

  8. The blankets are looking beautiful, Sue; the squares are all lovely and you are doing a wonderful job with the sewing together and finishing off.


  9. Hello Sue,
    Can you email me your address to ship my granny squares for the sunshine blanket? I'm shipping it over seas so give me the complete address including your country. I have four done (you can see them on my blog) and I hope to make some more before I ship. It's the most beautiful spring day here - the sun is out and the birds are singing. So we cleaned out our shed. But it was nice to be outside. My email is on my blog.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)


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