Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Does anyone want to help us make the 'Sunniest Sunshine Blanket Ever?! ' - Good News about 'SIBOL'. Pilar's Squares have arrived from Spain, please come over and have a look!

Hi Everyone!

I don't know whether anyone has signed up for  Rachel's Crochet Spot Newsletter. If you haven't I seriously hope you will go and check her site out. It's full of wonderful Crocheting information. She has articles on Charities, Tutorials, Patterns and lots of other great things. She even has a shop.

When I received the Newsletter yesterday she was asking whether anyone would like to be a 'Guest writer'.  You can write anything about Crocheting.  So I took the opportunity of writing an article about our 'Sunshine Blankets'.  She emailed me back today and has said that she will be posting the article in the next few weeks. So I'm hoping you 'll all pop across to her, get signed up, and then when the article is published you'll be able to read about our 2010 project.

I'm hoping this will get our project promoted and that we'll receive 'tons' of Squares.  I have warned Mr. Twins!

Can I just remind 'newbies' that I'm still making the 'Sunshine Blankets' for the Elderly.  Details are in the side bar of the requirements.

Also we have a special 'Sunshine Blanket' to make.  This one was suggested by Karin.  She wants us to make the 'Sunniest Sunshine Blanket Ever!'.  This has to have a 'Sun' theme.  It might be a brightly coloured Square, or even have a 'Sun' image crocheted on.  Let your imagination run riot with you! The Deadline is 21st April, so if you want to have a go please do. It's got to be a  6" Knitted or Crocheted Square, Acrylic if possible. Contact for my Home address. I'll be donating this special 'Sunshine Blanket' to a local Nursing home along with the other 'Sunshine Blankets' November time. 

I'm welcoming everyone that is new to 'Mrs. Twins' and  'SIBOL' and I hope you'll join us we're having a lot of fun over on 'SIBOL' showing the latest 'Sunshine Squares'. It's a 'team bloggin' effort and it really seems to be successful in the short amount of time we have been running. We now have 30 Followers.

Thank you.

Here's my 'Sunny Square again!'. I'm inviting anyone to join in the fun. Would you like to make a 'Sunny Square' for one of our 'Sunshine Blankets'. I hope you will pop over to my blogs and read about our challenge!'

Wonderful Squares arrived this morning from  Flickr Pertinitaco (Pilar)  in Spain aren't they beautiful?
Pilar has used some beautiful yarn in these Squares.  They have a great texture and they really are as bright as can be.  She's made 6 - 6" Squares and a beautiful 12" one too! Thanks so much for your help Pilar. I hope you enjoy looking at Pilar's Squares on the Slide show. Thank you!


  1. Great Sue, I will check out Rachel's site. More lovely squares arriving - I will post mine off tomorrow **Kim**x

  2. Bright squares! Love Pilar's colours and daring patterns. They'll make a beautiful happy blanket.


  3. Pilar's squares are lovely. Some of them are really unusal.

  4. Hi Sue

    What beautiful squares you are getting from everyone. It must be like Christmas opening all the parcels! Looks like your postie is working really hard these days! Well done on your appeal for squares being so successful. Pilar's squares are lovely - so cheerful.

    Yes, Rachel's Crochet Spot is great, isn't it? I haven't joined her store membership but she posts some lovely free patterns. I'm thinking of writing an article about our charity-knitting group on MSE - will have to try and get round to that. I shall look forward to reading your article on there!

    I'm still working on Easter bunnies for the grandchildren (because I can't send them Easter eggs from here, really) but will do a sunshine square for you once they are done.

    Take care


  5. It's me again! I'd love to know how many countries you have received squares from!


  6. Pilar's squares are amazing and I must check out Rachel's site. The sunniest squares might prove to be somewhat of a challenge, but I'll certainly give it a try.
    Jak x

  7. I shall have to get my little box out with all my little cards in. They tell me email addresses etc., Countries. Quite organised in fact. I'll let you know!


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