Thursday, 4 March 2010

Ta - Dah ! Sunshine International Blanket of Love no. 3. 'Spot Your Square!'. UPDATED SLIDESHOW. KIMBLES AT HOME AND HER DAUGHTER'S SQUARES. !!

Hi Everyone!

I must apologise to everyone. I was pretty quiet yesterday. I had a lot to do in the house and then I had to visit my Mother. Another day where I was chasing my tail.  Had trouble getting round to my emails, Flickr, Blog(s) etc.,  I was busy for most of the day when I got back around tea time I sat and had a cuppa by the fire. I started Crocheting the last bit of Blanket 3. and I suddenly felt so sleepy. I couldn't keep my eyes open. So I got my cushions and lay myself down on the floor in front of my fire.  I thought I had better cuddle up under no. 3 to see if it had that 'cozy factor!'.  Well I'm very pleased to say it was lovely and warm, and I snuggled up just lovely under it and fell asleep.  I woke up to hear Emmerdale was starting. I think the theme music woke me up.  Good job because I had the dinner in the oven.  Well it must have been a successful Blanket because I fell asleep with it over the top of me! :)

I've been over the moon with offers of Squares again this week, and of course receiving some really lovely ones again. I can't thank you enough. Seems to be working doesn't it?

Well I just thought I'd let you know my system.

1.     Postie arrives with a package! :)
2.     I walk into the Kitchen and get a knife to open it.
3.     Make sure the computer is on (which it always is!), and find my dear Flickr!
4.     Go into the Conservatory to take two lots of photos one by my Birdcage, the other on the sofa.
5.     Upload to Flickr
6.     Upload to Blog and make the Slideshow.
7.     Email the person if I haven't already to say that the Squares have arrived safely, and please go and visit
        the Slideshow.
8.     Then I put little stickers on  the Squares with the persons name on. Just in case......
9.     Then I update my little file.  I have 5 x 3" cards in there. I put the persons name on. Date  received and
         how many.  Email address and Home Address.
10.    Then I start planning how my Squares will work on the floor.
11.    Then the Crocheting begins.
12.    When finished out into the Garden hopefully and take my photos!!
13.     Upload to Flickr and Blog(s).
14.     At the end of a Blanket I have a good sort out with my wool.
15.     Put my wool into plastic bags colours seperated
16.     Then back upstairs into my big plastic box.

I asked Rita if it was okay to introduce her to my friends on Flickr and Blogland. She said it was. So you probably wont know Rita, but she is Flickr didsbury13.  She's relatively new to Flickr and she recently sent me those brightly coloured Squares which you all liked.  She does some lovely crocheting and cross stitches. BrendaS2 I am sure would love to see Rita's work as they both have something in common cross stitch. Rita celebrates 40 years of marriage on the 7th. Rita has recently had a go at the Carnations which Brenda told me about all those months ago!!!! Welcome Rita thanks for joining us. Hope you'll pop over again.

I've mentioned about my other Blog (no2) 'SIBOL'. I'm still going to use this one as my main blog (Mrs Twins) the other is for letting people know where the pattern was from for the Square. e.g. As in Brenda's case. Her Squares were from a very old Patons book.  I hope you'll all try and let me know where your patterns have come from so I can update the page with the Squares on. I do make work for myself don't I? It's fun and I'm enjoying it so much. I've also amended Kates country. Thanks to Maria she noticed I had put the UK on for Kate's country!! Let's hope she's busy swimming and that she hasn't noticed!

Also Cathy said if anyone wants the pattern for her Squares it would be okay for me to give her email address out. So thank you Cathy!

Oh well here's Blanket no. 3.

Ta - Dah! 'Sunshine no. 3'.

Please don't get upset if you can't see your Square! They probably arrived too late for this one. Rest assured it will be in the next one!

Here's Mrs Twins again! :( With Blanket 3.

Little Miss Twin (1) took this photo. She was in a rush as usual. Mr. Twin takes the photo usually but he was busy at the time.

Here's to the next one!
Thank you to everyone for making my day so nice!!

UPDATE Friday 5th March.

I'm very pleased to say that Kimbles at Home and her Daughter have very kindly sent me some beautiful Squares this morning.  I have put them onto Flickr and now into my Slideshow! I hope you both enjoy looking at your Squares and I also hope everyone else enjoys viewing them too! I must say a BIG THANK YOU! to Kim's Daughter Michelle. She's recently taken up Crocheting with her Mother and she seems to be really enjoying it. I'm SO pleased that she has wanted to take part in my project. Welcome done Michelle. It's so nice to see the younger generation wanting to learn Crochet.

Here's Michelle's Square. I am sure you will agree she's made a great job of it!

A gorgeous Granny Square arrives from the Daughter of Kimbles at Home. I'm so pleased you wanted to take part in my 'Sunshine' Project. Thank you so much! :)


  1. Sue! no wonder you are tired! Thats a full time job you have on you hands!!!!! Blanket no 3 is fab like all of the others - well done you must be getting aching fingers and wrists! I have posted off a package to you today - so it should arrive tomorrow. I like the system you have in place - I am truly in awe that you haven't mixed up which square is from who WELL DONE clever lady!!! Take care and try to take a little 'time off' **Kim**x

  2. 17. Doing the test: Sue having a cup of tea in front of her fire under the new blanket.

    I can see two of my squares in this beautiful blanket.
    Sue you are superwoman! Well done.

    ~X~ Karin

  3. Blanket 3 is very purple and pretty, I like it!
    Go on, hardworking lady! And don't tire yourself too much, take your time and rest. :-)

  4. and 18: the whole world enjoys your marvellous work from the other side of the computer!! Congratulations on SIBOL3 Sue, and take it easy!!
    Hugs Pilar

  5. I'm in!!!!!! Yeah and sharing with my blogger friends with this blanket. Thank you so much Sue for going to all this trouble. Love seeing you working on the blanket. You do choose wonderful eding colours and combine the blankets well

  6. Forgot to mention, cause I am having trouble leaving comments.

    I love your crocheting piggy!!!! on the side bar

  7. I am so glad the squares got to you ok - have a great weekend and try not to work too hard!! dear Sue! **Kim**x

  8. Phew, no wonder you were tired and housework too. The new blanket is lovely, as always. I haven't ventured into the world of Flickr yet, too busy building my empire, lol!
    Hope you have a relaxing weekend.
    Jak x

  9. I am really pleased you liked my sqaure and thank you for posting it on your blog :) I am enjoying learing to crochet so much, it takes my mind off uni stresses. The blankets are such a brilliant idea. I look forward to showing you my blanket.....when it finally gets finished (may be a while hehe). Michelle (Kimbles daughter) x

  10. Girlfriend, Girlfriend, Girlfriend.
    Did I read this correctly, a second blog. How are you doing this and Flickr still to boot. Amazing. You have come sooooo far with this whole thing. Just looking at the list of tasks, isn't it funny how we fall into a pattern. You have it down to a science. I'm still Kate, and all over the place.

    Now, about #3, love it, love it, love it. But I must say I need my readers to look more closely at this laptop to find my square...he-he....So glad I can still stay connected while in another state.

    Off to the Botanical Gardens today, with Scooter's brother. Way too much In-Laws already. Can't wait for my time next week.

    Kate - The Garden Bell

  11. Oh its breathtaking love love love the purple! Ha the person before me said the same thing hehehehe!! do such a wonderful job choosing colors this will be another cherished blanket indeed!!~Such a cute picture of you at work as well ~Blessings Love Heather

  12. Sue, It is quite amazing to me that all the different blocks come together so beautifully using white to connect. A lovely photo of you. The colors are clear enough that I see your basket matches your couch perfectly. I just love it! Looking forward to each blanket made. Have a lovely weekend! Elizabeth

  13. I appreciate all of your comments, its very nice of you all. It's your Squares though that make the Blankets and a few of mine. If I didn't have the gorgeous colours and designs the Blankets wouldnt turn out like they do.! I can't thank you all enough.

    I'm so pleased you've taken part in our project. I hope this project will start a great adventure for you into the world of Crocheting! You are the youngest contributor! Well done!
    Sue x

  14. Hello,

    you make wonderfull thinks.
    i love the flowers very match.
    sorry bat my engels is very smal.

    greatings from the nederlands conny


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