Sunday, 28 March 2010

Ta - Dah! - 'The Irish Sunshine Blanket' /100th Post Giveaway!

Hi everyone!

Yes, I have a Ta - Dah today! Introducing you to 'The Irish Sunshine Blanket'.  I finished the edges off on Sunday and as I was sitting there Mr.Twin said he thought the Blanket had an Irish feel to it. I think because of the green edging, and after uploading it on to Flickr Stricksusi, Susanna named the Blanket for me. 'The Irish Sunshine Blanket'. So this is what I have called 'SIBOL no. 5!'. I'm really pleased how it's come out once again. But of course it's all thanks to you! Such wonderful colourful Squares.

I walk out into the Garden looking around to see whether any of my Neighbours are looking through their windows. Today I was caught out! :( Oh well never mind!

Ladies you know how to do this now! Please 'add note' to your Square. My Husband thinks this has an Irish feel to it. The green I think. Stricksusi has just named the Blanket 'The Irish Sunshine Blanket'. Thank you!

I would like to thank 'Maytaurus'  from MSE for her Squares which are on this Blanket. I do hope she's following my blog so she can see a photo.  Also hello to Pippa S if she's visiting me from there. Maytaurus, Linda and Kathy have sent me Squares over the past few months . There's no deadline on Squares as I will be making the 'Sunshine Blankets' all year. But the themed Blankets 'sun theme' runs until 21st April.  I appreciate all the Squares that I receive and as you all know they will be made into Blankets for the Elderly in Nursing Homes and Charities, even the 'Sun' themed Blankets will be sent to Nursing Homes. The themed Blankets just give us an added interest.

I often sit on the floor 'hooking!'.

I would also like to say that I have some free Knitting patterns if anyone is interested. They came with a magazine the other day. As I don't knit, I was wondering if anyone would like them. It seems such a shame to waste them.

The first one is for the 'Woolly World Cup'. A beautiful little Knitting pattern book and if you have boys in the family this would certainly go down a treat. The players are fairly quick to knit. One of the Footballers can be made in one weekend. Each player is knitted into a glove, medium in size. The pattern comes with instructions to make the net and football  and if you wanted  you could make a whole team!

The other pattern book is 'Beautiful Toys to Knit'. A pattern for Three sweet teddy bears, three cute chickens, and a dolls pattern 'Tilly Twirl who comes with instructions to make three mix n match outfits which are simply gorgeous. A little red coat, with red and blue pinafore. A blue and white dress with little shorts and a white jumper with blue and white striped shorts.

I'd only be too happy to send out to anyone that is interested. So could you email me if you are interested. I'd like to offer to two people so could you tell me which one you prefer please. Thanks.

The other thing is that I am coming up to my 100th Post! I know I can't quite believe it myself! I remember when I wrote my first post wondering what on earth I would write about. ' Mindless Ramblings' have now got me to where I am today, coming up to my 100th post shortly.  Well to celebrate I am having a 'Giveaway'.  The deadline is 3rd April at 11.00pm.  All you have to do is to leave a comment on my blog 'Mrs Twins' (this one) or Flickr mail me saying you want to be put in the draw or email me  A name will be drawn by Mr. Twin or one of the Little Miss Twins! So best of luck!

Bye for now and have a good day!

P.S. Please pop over to 'SIBOL'.- my 'spin off blog for the blankets' because Luna has posted a Square she wants us all to have a  go with! x

~~~~ Sue ~~~~


  1. Sue! Well done the Irish Blanket is another stunner! You are doing sooooo well with these - and your 100th post coming up how you and your blog have progressed! You are a techno whizkid now!!! I send you my congratulations and here is to the next 100! Kim x

  2. These blankets just get better and better. And as for your blog, I can't believe you are not up to your 100th post yet !!
    When I come home from my holiday I'm going to try the slide show stuff that you do. Very impressive! I'll be asking for help I'm sure.

    Well done , Sue

  3. Another great blanket Sue! Well done!

  4. You think the best has been but they keep getting beter and better. Must be very enjoyable putting them together.

    I would not mind the Toys to Knit book. Charities are always look for these sort of things to help children through tough times

  5. Inspired by you as always! I love the ta-da days especially when you include yourself. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  6. Sue, It is hard to believe that 100 posts have nearly gone by! Look how many people you have inspired with your words and your cheerful blog. Your energy comes across the computer screen and into our homes. What a wonderful afghan you have just completed. You are so very fast! I hope you have a lovely Easter holiday! Elizabeth

  7. Sue, how fantastic that you are coming up on your 100th post. Your blog just gets better and prettier day by day. It is such a joy to stop by and see another colorful slide show. Great job my friend.

  8. 100 !!!! Congratulations!

    Fantastic blanket Sue. Well done!

    ~X~ Karin

  9. Pilar (pertinitaco)29 March 2010 at 09:52

    hi Sue! Another beautiful blanket! It's always so exciting seeing you with a new SIBOL! Congrats on your 100th post, and I wish I could knit, those books look fantastic, surely somebody will make gorgeous things from them!
    Hugs Pilar

  10. Absolutely the perfect name for this one. You know, I can't wait to get back home and my mind will start to work better on this naming thing. I still don't know where you are finding the time for all this......


  11. Irish blanket is beautiful!! Love that cute daisy square in the centre. :-D

    I had a little chuckle about those footballers, too bad I cannot knit themn or I will pack my room with a team or two. So nice of you to give the books away!

    Congratulations on your 100th post! Hugs.

  12. You're amazing! Can't believe how quickly you seem to be putting these beautiful blankets together. I love the colours on this one too! Fabulous. Keep up the great work! Ros

  13. I feel honored, Sue, that you took the name I suggested. Actually your hubbie gave me the idea.

  14. Fantastic work Sue! I think your creativity is going to make some people's lives a lot happier.

  15. Sue, I just love how you combine the colors of blocks. You make such beautiful blankets! Congratulations on almost 100 posts! I'll be watching for your giveaway. I showed my latest afghan on our blog today, also some crochet potholders. Thought you would enjoy seeing them. Have a wonderful day! Twyla

  16. What a fantastic blanket with beautiful colours!


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