Thursday, 11 March 2010

Do you like a Knitting or Crocheting Challenge? (Karin's idea) Bienzfive and Bunny Mummy your Squares have arrived!

Hi Everyone!

I'm going to tell you about Karin's Challenge. She has written a post on  my  spin off blog 'SIBOL' (9th March) post.  As you know I am making 'Sunshine Blankets' for the Elderly with the help of my on-line friends all over the world. She has suggested that we make 'The Sunniest Sunshine Blanket Ever!'.

I'll tell you about it here, but I hope you'll pop over to 'SIBOL' and read her post beautifully written.

To make 'The Sunniest Sunshine Blanket Ever!'
She is asking for readers to make a 6" Knitted or Crocheted Square.
Acrylic if possible, straight edge.
The Square has to have a 'Sun' Theme.
So anything to do with the Sun. This Blanket really has to have a 'Sunshine' factor.
It has got to have bright colours, and we want it as interesting as we can make it.
Some fantastic ideas are on Karin's post (9th March). She has put together a 'Sun' Mosaic
and it really is good!
I hope you'll check it out.

When the Square is finished, would you like to send to my home address, my email address is By 21st April.
When I have received the Squares I will put together and make a Blanket which will then be donated to the Elderly later on in the year along with the other Blankets I have made (3 in total already).

I was asked the other day how many Squares I have had in now for the 'Sunshine Blankets'. Well I have made 3 Blankets already. Have two lined up ready to be put together, with Squares over. I have had over 200  Squares in from all around the World todate.

I want to thank each and everyone of you for your help. I just want everyone to know that I am overwhelmed with the response. I am always so grateful whether it be one Square or 25 Squares! I am truly grateful. I just love doing this project and I just hope I do the Squares justice.

Well here's my 'Sunshine' Square. I have to say I think it could have been better, not too pleased with it. But here goes...... OOh! Little Miss Sunshine has to hold an icecream, when I get round to it!

Make a 6

Don't forget if you're interested in our Blankets, pop over to 'SIBOL' - 'Sunshine International Blankets of Love' this is where we chat about ideas for the Blankets, post photos of Squares for the Blankets, ideas for our group etc., Hope you'll become a Follower, or leave a comment.  'SIBOL' is 'team blogging' a new venture for us all.  If you'd like to take part and 'team blog' about our Blankets please email me for an invitation.  We haven't done it before so I hope it will be successful, it's sort of a 'Knitting and Crocheting forum?' It's just so much fun to see what our contributors have posted.

 I'm wondering if you could do me a favour? If you leave a comment. Could you tell me please whether you can hear my music?  I take ages trying to find suitable music for my Slide shows, I'm wondering whether it's just me that can hear it, or whether you can too?

Just telling you also that Squares have just arrived from Bienzfive on Flickr (Maria) and also Jacquie. Thank you both so much for sending them to me. They are all so lovely and I appreciate each and every one.

Bunny Mummy your Squares arrived this morning! Thank you! If anyone would like to help me make Blankets for the Elderly by donating a Square please visit

Jacquie's Squares.

Squares across the miles from Bienzfive! USA. So beautiful, thank you!! :)

Maria's Squares will be in the Slide Show on the next post. I've updated. Thank you.!


  1. HI Sue..

    I can hear your music :)

    I love the lil miss sunshine square - I have to ask - Did you make that up or is it a pattern? I just LOVE IT !! So cute.

    At the moment I am bogged down with my University studies... but as our weather is cooling off I am hoping to be able to make you some squares soon. I used to have a pattern called sunshine square so I hope I can find it :)

    Many hugs across the globe


  2. Hi Sue,
    No I'm afraid I can't hear the music. Maybe there is a problem with my computer since Chars can.
    Loved the sunshine square so hope the sunny blanket goes well.

  3. Hi Sue - your sunny square is beautiful and full of personality! I am currently making Easter bunnies but will do at least one sunshine square for you before 21st April.

    Well done on collecting all those squares!

    Take care


  4. Spring is in the air. I love your little sunny project.

  5. Oh that is very cute!! I like it and very sunny indeed!!!~Love Heather

  6. Sue, I love your sunny square!
    It's so cute.

    ~X~ Karin

  7. Nice challenge!! I have the perfect pattern for this, you're lucky I haven't posted my squares yet. Hope you like it! Not as fun as yours though. Yours is making me smile like a happy child.

    Jacquie's and Maria's squares are bright and beautiful. No wonder you're crocheting so pretty blankets.


  8. Hi Sue.
    I can hear your music perfectly. Lovely challenge, I'm in. And that square, it's just so funny and sunny!! You already got over 200 squares?! That's amazing, I think you'll be doing blankets the rest of the year and probably the next one too!!
    Hugs, Pilar

  9. Sueie-Q..... Are you still keeping up? Wrist tired yet? Stunning post as always.

    I'm heading over to try this SIBOL again. Still don't know what I'm doing wrong, must be this dang laptop.

    Hugs from a rainie beach today,
    Kate - The Garden Bell


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