Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Do I have to be an expert at Knitting or Crocheting to join in the fun making 'SIBOL'S?'.

Hello Everyone!

Thank you all very much for comments on 'Across the Oceans!'. I really enjoyed making the Blanket and I really do think it has a 'maritime' feel to it.

Can I just say everybody is welcome to join in our fun in making the 'Sunshine Blankets'.  You really do not need to be 'an expert' at either Crocheting or Knitting. The Square does not need to be 'perfect' either. We are all at different levels in our 'crafting'. I'm sure all our Squares will be made with Love and Compassion and they will be gratefully received by myself when I make them into Blankets and when they reach their destination.

The only requirement really is that they are 6" x 6" Square  (15cms x 15cms). (Not 6" on the diagonal) with a straight edge easier for joining. It doesn't matter what colour they are, what design either. You are just free to do whatever you feel like making. Try out that new pattern you've seen in a book or perhaps you've been sent it by a Friend. If you have Acrylic yarn that would be great, but if you haven't it's no big deal. Just use what ever you have!

I'm always so excited every day when someone new emails me and says they want to get involved. I'm only too pleased to send my address details on to them for when the Squares are ready. I get such a buzz when someone new shows an interest. sueatpigsty@talktalk.net

So please don't be shy. Don't think that you're Crocheting or Knitting is not good enough. It is, and all are welcome! You may have just started Crocheting and feel that you want to take part in a worthwhile project so it might be a simple Granny Square, that's absolutely fine. Or maybe you want to try a really involved Square from one of the many books on the shelves. Please do have a go. All Squares will be gratefully received by me.

I've found out recently that there are lots of Ladies out in Blogland who don't belong to Flickr. You know it might just be worthwhile checking it out.  You can upload your photos and it's great meeting people in the Crafting Community on there.

I'm playing a 'Board Game' over on Flickr, if you want to join in.  It's mainly for Contributors of the 'SIBOL' Blankets.  I thought it would be nice if you could all 'add note' to your Square. Shall we see if we can get a 'full board!'. Just a laugh!

Have a good day everyone!

Thank you


W.I.P. Just for you to see. Your Squares are most welcome!


  1. Have you lost your mind? Just how are you doing all this. Show us the growing stack. It has to be a mountain for color by now. Off to see what up with this game thing over one FLickR... What's Flickr again? Haven't been there in soooooooo long.

    Hugs from a Sunndy Day here... Yipee,
    Kate - The Garden Bell

  2. I need the Flickr link... Am I missing something here.

  3. The blankets look great together Sue, I have placed my notes on the flickr picture - they are filling up fast! Fun idea, take care **Kim**x

  4. Oh my word! You are so, so busy! The squares are all looking amazing. Great stuff! Ros

  5. Hello

    I am writing from Costa Rica, I found your blog surfing the net. Was impressed by the blankets so pretty, also I'm doing some, but here in Costa Rica not that cold, but if you like Muho, at least I live in the upper and in the winter if it's cold.


    Pura Vida,


  6. Yes Sue, could you post the link to the Flickr page. I don't have a Flickr account yet, which is just something else on my neverending 'to do list', lol!

  7. Sue, thanks for visiting my blog! The SIBOL project is awesome. Maybe I will be able to participate at some point.

    Oh and I got a follow button added to the bottom of the page! Thanks for the heads up on that :-)

    Becky/The Skein Gang

  8. Hi Sue!
    Do you still have enough room to live in?
    The pile of squares must be high already.
    Have a nice weekend!
    ~X~ Karin


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