Sunday, 21 February 2010

Ta - Dah! 'Sunshine Blanket (2) for the Elderly. HELP!! We need to decide on a name, any ideas? I can't make my mind up. UPDATED SLIDESHOW MARIA'S HAVE ARRIVED!

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all had a good weekend.  Well if you are in the UK you know we've had more snow again.  It did seem to disappear quite a bit on the pavements and roads  but then during Saturday evening it came back.  I was 'on edge' waiting for Little Miss. Twin to come back from her clubbing night.  Looked out the window and I couldn't believe my eyes again. Everywhere was covered.

Before going any further the name of the Blankets has changed slightly. Molly has suggested 'Sunshine Blankets For the Elderly' and Maria is suggesting 'International Blankets of Love for the Elderly. So I'm thinking of combining the two names. Can you all 'comment' your suggestions? Please!! Another idea is 'Sunshine Blankets of Love', (Karin) or even 'Sunshine Blankets of Love for the Elderly'. I need help. I need a name, so I can focus.
                                   'Sunshine International Blankets of Love for the Elderly'.

What does everyone think?

I haven't been posting much this week because I've been busy with 'Sunshine Blanket no 2'.  I decided to make the second Blanket focusing on the Granny Squares which I had. All so.....beautiful, really gorgeous colours.

Me with 'Sunshine 2' - The Granny Blanket.

Mr. Twin took the photo, I do hate having my photo taken but I wanted you to see me finishing off the Blanket. We went outside afterwards into the Garden.  The snow was quite deep on the grass but I had to do my Ta - Dah and hold the Blanket up for all to see.

Here I am!

Ta - Dah! 'Sunshine Blanket no.2' outside in the Snow.

Just look how the sunshine shone through the holes in the Granny squares.  I think the sun is telling me Molly thought of a good name!

'Sunshine Colours!' Just what we need.

It was so nice in the Conservatory yesterday the sun was shining through the windows it really was quite pleasant in there, I took a photo of the Sunshine Blankets together. Just look at the wonderful colours on the squares, simply gorgeous.

I'm really enjoying doing these Blankets.  Now the second one is finished I'm waiting for some Squares which I know are on their way from Maria, Heather and Elizabeth. So I'm hanging on starting the third until they arrive.  They should be here for definite this week and I just can't wait to see them 'in the flesh'.  It's so nice now I have started the 'Blankets for the Elderly 2010' Flickr pool because you are able to load your photos up and we can all see them before they reach me.  Please visit Flickr and the group if you haven't been over there yet. It's nice also to have the Squares in a special place.

I know I have said this before many times but I couldn't get these Blankets done so quick if I didn't have your help. I just can't get over the response either, it surely is so nice knowing that you are all behind me, and giving me such wonderful feedback. We're doing these Blankets together and it's such fun. Thank you!

Shall I give you a total of Squares received?  To date (Sunday 21st) I have received 109 Squares. I've made two Blankets already. I've got enough Squares  for another two Blankets.

I could just sew the Squares together, but by putting an edging on them and doing a border it's making the Squares go further for me. I'm only using yarn which I have left over from other projects.  That's my aim really to use some of the yarn up I have already.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at the Blankets, a 'BIG THANK YOU! ' to all of you for helping me.

Ooh, nearly forgot. Kate was saying she'd like to be near Maria on one of the Blankets. They are such a long way from each other in turns of mileage! 'Chicago' to 'Australia'. This way if I put their squares close together, they would 'be closer'. Any more requests? ha.ha. :)

Thanks for visiting me today.

UPDATE 11.00am,MONDAY. Postie has arrived very early today he usually comes around 1.00pm. I'm really pleased to say Maria your Squares have arrived! They are so wonderful. My Mother would love these ones as they are her favourite colours. Kind friend she even put me a bag of sweeties in to suck while I'm making the Blankets!! :) Ooh, I am lucky!! I've updated the Slide show. So Maria I hope you have enjoyed looking at the Slide Show this morning.! Total 115 now! I'm counting!


  1. YIPeeeeee. I see one of mine. These are looking great. You have been very busy all weekend. I would not give any over until you have them all completed. We need to see a group pictures.

    10 inches of new snow just started under winter warning...I can't wait till we leave Friday night or early, early Saturday morning. Spent most of the day pack up my yarn goodies for a month of hooking in Florida.

    This project is awesome. You must be very please with how well they are all turning out.

    Happy Sunday
    Kate - The Garden Bell - <3 <3 <3

  2. I love your border on the second one -- very pretty! These are turning out so nice.

  3. The blankets are looking very nice.I think this project is a great success and I love the name too.I'm looking forward to helping you a little in the future.
    Keep warm!

  4. Olá, estão lindas, gosto das cores, são muito vivas e brilhantes, parabéns, bjos doces

  5. These are so wonderful and you are such a sweet and generous person. What a special woman you are. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  6. Great name and great project. A real credit to you all and especially to you Sue.
    Many thanks for the birthday wishes. I've had a lovely birthday and don't feel my many years at all.And I could hear you singing from way over there!!
    Helsie ( from Tony's computer )

  7. Sue these blankets are just fantastic. They are so pretty on your bench with the sun shining through. You are a very special ray of sunshine in these folks life. A great job by a great lady. Take care my friend

  8. Sue, the blankets are beautiful. You are a special lady!

    "Sunshine Blanket of love" is ok. Sunshine is the most international thing I can imagine. No need for the word "international" to be added....

    ~X~ Karin

  9. Maybe 'Sunshine Blanket of Comfort and Love'. I think you have make a lovely job of piecing them together.
    Stay Warm!
    Jak x

  10. I am just speechless the blanket is beautiful!! It looks absolutely amazing. Oh how wonderful someone will be so blessed by that blanket. I just love what your doing!! ~Keep up the wonderful work what a great way to use the gift of handwork that you have been blessed with. Loved the pictures and OH look at that snow!~ I am terrible at names sorry I wish I had a suggestion ~Stay warm Love Heather

  11. Qué hermosos esos cuadraditos de amor, te felicito!!!!!!!! Ojalá estuviesemos cerca para poder conocerte. Un beso grande desde Argentina.

  12. Let's hope this comment gets through.
    The blankets are wonderful and I think "Sunshine Blankets" is a perfect name for them, especially with that photo. It shows the wonderful colours and the beautiful patterns so nicely.
    And yes, make sure Kate and I have squares beside each other - it is a long way from Chicago to Sydney to Birmingham - cause you will have to put our squares on the outside!! So then your edging will be beside us too VBG :-)))
    Make sure the "kids" don't get too many of the lollies

  13. Sue, I Love the picture of you! I think it's a lovely picture! Your 'blankets of love' are turning out beautifully. In fact, that would be an easy name for them. I am amazed at the beauty of each block, but you are a wonderful artist the way you have them put together. I admire you so much for doing this. Thank you for visiting and your kind words. Have a wonderful week! Twyla

  14. Your blankets are absolutely stunning! So colourful and full of life. Wonderful! ROs

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