Sunday, 14 February 2010

Ta - Dah - My Friends help me make a Blanket for the Elderly.

Here's Wishing Kim a very Happy Birthday today on the 16th from all her Friends across the World!

Hello Everyone!   It's 'Spot your Square Day!',

I hope you have all had a good weekend and a really special Valentine's Day!  Today I am very, very excited because I have a Ta - Dah!! I wonder what it could be? Shall I give you a clue? Over the past few weeks our local Postie has been extremely busy.  He often walks down our drive now with little packages in his hand.  I bet he's wondering what on earth could be in them! Well you know what's inside and so do I!

Little squares made out of pretty colours, each one with a different personal design. Each one so unique and each one so very, very important to me, coming from every part of the World absolutely fantastic. The latest squares received were from Kate and I'm just over the moon that she wanted to take part. Thank you Kate!
(Kates squares are on the Slideshow at the bottom).

I feel now after launching my project early in the New Year that I am achieving something. Yes, you're right the first blanket for the Elderly is finished.

I've enjoyed opening the packages, I've enjoyed sorting the squares out and I've enjoyed crocheting them together!  So here dear friends is me sitting in the Lounge doing the final rows of double crochet around the blanket.

Not a good photo of me but nevertheless here's the blanket


                                                    AND IT'S ALL THANKS TO YOU!!

Very bright and cheerful I feel. Each square means such a lot to me because my dear friends on Flickr and indeed in Blogland have helped me achieve something that I really wanted to do. Help the Elderly. Some Elderly lady (or man maybe) will hopefully get to use the blanket let's hope it brings a smile to their face. It certainly does bring a smile to my face. It's just so colourful, it's weighty so it will be nice and warm.
It's the ideal size I feel. It measures 36" x 36" exactly apparently the ideal size for a lap blanket. I do hope it will give some one a lot of comfort. I can just imagine some Elderly person sitting in a chair drinking a cup of tea looking down at each one of the squares looking at the different designs and hopefully enjoying it.

I can't thank you all enough for your kindness. Your support to me has been wonderful. It really, really has.

I'm hoping this will be the first of many. I have enough squares for another two blankets. I only finished the first Saturday evening while Harry Hill was on :) Those knitted toys of his make me laugh! Has anyone seen them! My aim is to make at least six this year. I don't know whether that's 'impossible' or not, we will see.

It's not too late to help if you would like to. As I've said before there isn't a deadline. No pressure at all.
6"x 6" (15cms x 15 cms)squares Knitted or Crocheted.
Any design, any colour.
It can be a basic granny square, or if you want to try a new square out please do!
Acrylic if possible as it washes better but really anything.
Now I only want you to use your odd bits up I know we all have loads in our stash. This is a good way of using them up.
Even just one square would be a great help to me.

My email address is


Now I want to say if you don't see your square this time I have enough squares for another two blankets so it will be on the next ones. So please hang on in there! Each square is 6" with a bit of crocheting in between and around the borders it's measuring exactly 36" x 36".

Thank you to everyone that has helped me, your kindness is very much appreciated.

Hugs Sue

I hope you enjoy looking at the Slideshow.

Monday 15th Feb I received squares from Linda 'Chalky's World' which are now in my Slideshow. The most beautiful colours thank you very much Linda.

I've also made a 'Group' on Flickr 'Blankets for the Elderly 2010'.
This is where I will also be uploading photos of squares that are received from you all. You are quite welcome to load your own photos after finishing squares for the project. Thanks.


  1. Ooooh WELL DONE SUE!!!! the first blanket looks FANTASTIC you must be sooo proud and I am pleased to have conbributed in some small way. You have some fab photos to remember the blanket by too! Have a great day **Kim**x

  2. Wow!!! Sue, the blanket looks great!
    So happy to be a (little) part of this.

    ~X~ Karin

  3. Well done Sue. I'm sure your lovely blanket will be well received by some lucky person.

  4. Beautifull blanket Sue good work.

  5. It looks so jolly and colourful, well done Sue. I think it will certainly brighten up someone's day.
    Jak x

  6. Your Blanket looks great and will be sure to keep someone snug and warm.

    As I mentioned in my email I will send you some squares a bit later in the year when its my winter.

    HUGS xx

  7. Congratulations on such a wonderful idea. The first blanket looks great and I'm sure will be greatly appreciated.


  8. First blanket is beautiful!! I'm so happy I get to be a part of this wonderful project.

    It's chilly here again and I've caught a cold -first one of 2010. I couldn't spend my time doing anything better than crocheting some squares for the elderly, don't you think? I have lots of odd bits so don't worry about my yarn stash. :-)

    Again, great job! Hugs.

  9. Hi there.

    Thanks for your message. I haven't received any further issues of the mag yet. I called last week and was told that they had a shortage of the issues and gifts etc and that I should receive them in the next couple of weeks. I ended up subscribing directly through the mag rather than getting the first issue from a shop. I'll have to wait and see what happens!!! So far I'm not that confident in them.

  10. Great looking lapghan Sue.

    P.S. I love your blog.

  11. What a beautiful blanket!!! Fantastic job you have donw with it too Sue.
    It will keep the elderly warm with love from around the world.
    You have done extremely well and I'm looking forward to the others to come
    PS - Posted mine off today

  12. You did a great job putting together the first blanket. I will mail my squares today or tomorrow.

  13. Lovely blanket! Such a good cause. Great stuff! Ros

  14. Sue, such a loving and thoughtful project; many hands make light the work :-) The first blanket is just lovely.


  15. Sue, Can you just picture the smile od looking at each different square! My current assignment has me in an assisted living facility that is very posh, and I have seen first hand how thrilled anyone is to have something special made for themselves. There are so many lonely hours with busy families stretching time to visit. This will be such a thoughtful gift! My pig? I thought of you as I was making it! I noticed a pig or two in your lovely home. What's the next project Sue? Can't wait to see! Elizabeth

  16. Sue I think this is just fantastic. You have really done a jam up job. I think they should be called the Sunshine Blankets because when the people receive them it will be like a ray of sunshine into their dreary world. You really deserve a pat on the back for this one my friend. Take care


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