Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Brenda's donation of squares for the Elderly Blankets. (Also Updated Slideshow again today :) 3rd February.

Hi Everyone!

I'm going to show you Brenda's squares which she has very kindly sent to me to help me with my Blankets.

A couple of posts ago I was telling you I have known Brenda for ten years. We celebrated our 'Friendship Anniversary' as we call it. Brenda seems to help me out more than I can possibly help her out! She's always there for me, a listening ear to help me with my problems, a query on crocheting or just simply always there at the end of a phone to have a 'girlie' chat.

We try to meet up every year if we can. There is actually a nice photo of Brenda, her Husband and myself on her Flickr photostream BrendaS2. When we met up at a restaurant some years ago. Mr. Twin was taking the photograph that's why he wasn't on it!

I hope you'll visit her photostream on Flickr. She crochets beautifully. She has over the years made some beautiful things. Snowflakes, Crocheted Angel, Crocheted Vase holder, doileys, carnations etc., Then of course most recently the squares for my project. Apart from Crocheting she cross-stitches and has sewn some beautiful pictures. She's presently sewing a Christmas Tree Skirt the same as my Village Tree Skirt which she is really enjoying. Jigsaws too are a pastime of hers and she also shows on Flickr some of her knitted toys Grocerman, Holiday Doll, Painter and Gardener. They really are great. Unfortunately Brenda doesn't have a blog, but I know she reads mine, which I'm pleased about.

Pretty Squares from BrendaS2 (UK).

BrendaS2 sent me these squares for the Elderly. So....pretty!

Brenda is my 'Bestest Friend'. Our Husbands get along really well too when we meet up, which is lovely. I hope you enjoy looking at Brenda's squares!

LATEST NEWS: I received a package from BethelofBethania this morning. Her beautiful squares are in my new slideshow! Thanks so....much Bethel!

I have to go to my Mom's now,  enjoy your day everyone! And Thank you!


  1. Those are so spectacular! I tried my hand at making different kind of squares for potholders last fall. Boy did I struggle. Lots of ripping out. I'm really impressed with your slide show. It inspires me to try some more. Rosie

  2. I would love to make you a square or two. Its for such a good cause. I had a wonderful Grandma too!
    Kindest Regards Linda

  3. Wow - those are B R I G H T ! Like walking through an orange grove...


  4. Oh the squares look wonderful the ladies are all choosing such wonderful and cheerful colors which will be such a blessing to receive. ~Great pictures ~Love Heather

  5. Yessss! Fireworks for the bright squares!
    Sue, it's great to see your slideshow.
    Lovely squares from lovely people!

    ~X~ Karin

  6. Yeap... She sure is your best friend. Just look at all those wonderful squares she sent over to help your project.

    Won't be posting today. It's been crazy with all the stuff actually going in. Tomorrow Mom is coming over for her first preview....icks... you know how it is trying to get Mom's approval on anything.... panic and try to clean the house like normal for that visit today, just isn't working to well...

    Gotta run...



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