Tuesday, 26 January 2010

A Gift of Friendship.

Hi Everyone!

I must apologise for 'being quiet'. I had a busy weekend with the family and yesterday I went to the Shopping Centre with Little Miss Twin (1). We had a nice 5 or 6 hours! I know a long time! I was shattered by the time I had driven 20 miles back with numerous shopping bags on the back seat. Not mine I add. Well night - clubbing clothes had to be bought 'again' ready for the 24th birthday celebrations in February. We managed to have lunch out too.

Yesterday evening I attended my Slimming Club. Well I have a :(  sad face this week. I lost 2 1/2 pounds last week. This week 2lbs  went back on!!!!! I know I was really disappointed and I had stuck to plan too. I hadn't been naughty. Apparently according to the lady in charge of the group said it was 'water'. If I had stuck to the plan it must be water. Well she's having a look at my Food Diary to make sure I am doing it right. I know I'm doing it right because I lost 4 1/2 stone before. So hopefully next week it will have come off again. So sorry folks no weight loss this week! Disappointing. 'Time of the Month' she said. I don't have a 'Time of the Month' anymore. But apparently you can still 'hold water'.  I'm going to tell you whether I've done well, or done badly. I'm going to be honest with you. There isn't any other way. You are my friends, I know you'll understand.

So I was pretty exhausted last night and didn't have time to blog or go on Flickr. Then today I have had a massive early 'spring clean' I'm awaiting a special person? My Daughter. She's coming home. So I've done everything, the whole house in fact. I'm pretty pleased with myself. Cleaning is not a chore for me I have to clean. If my house isn't clean and tidy I can't crochet.  I do hoover and dust every day early in the morning. But this was an extra-special clean, particularly her bedroom. So I'm chuffed I've done it all. Now it's time to play.

I have to tell you about my gifts. Back in 2000 I met a wonderful lady called Brenda. I am very pleased to say that Brenda and her dear Husband have been our friends all this time. Yes 10 years. We try to meet at least once a year and we have a nice lunch out in the country.  Brenda is the wonderful lady who got me started on the 'ripples'. I mentioned I wanted to do one and she very kindly got me a pattern sorted. Of course I am completely thick with new things, so she took the trouble to send me row samples, colour coded instructions  and even photo instructions. Then I had 'masterclass' sessions on the telephone. I was doing something so silly at first, and Brenda put me on the right track.  You know since then I have done 4 not to mention the ripples I have done for the baskets. Brenda is always there for me whether I have a problem, a moan, a query, a 'can't find something' or even if it's just for one of our wonderful chats. She's very kindly sent me a bunch of squares today which I shall be posting with the others over the next few days. They are so pretty. All the squares are gorgeous, each one so different.  Her Husband gets on really well with Mr. Twin they seem to chat endlessly, which is really nice.  Brenda has sent me a lot of Friendship poems over the years. She finds them on the net and prints them out beautifully, and the booklet I received for our Anniversary tops them all. She made a lovely cover and inside there are endless verses all about Friendship. Nothing is ever too much trouble for her. I was 'chuffed' to pieces when I received the most beautiful trinket box. She had cross stitched some flowers on the lid and it truly made my day. We hope to see each other when the weather gets better, I hope so. She lives down the south of England.

Dear Brenda, Thank you for 10 wonderful years of Friendship, here's to many more. Would you like to see my gifts?

On the 23rd January BrendaS2 and myself celebrated 10 years of wonderful Friendship. To celebrate our 'Anniversary' Brenda very kindly sent me this most beautiful trinket box she has stitched. She also made me 'Words for my Friend' a booklet full of verse

So beautiful, just look at those flowers on the lid.

Brenda and myself celebrate 10 years of Friendship. Beautiful cards and gifts.

I'm off to watch a bit of T.V. I am desperately trying to get something finished for Valentines Day for Mr. Twin and Little Miss Twins.

Bye for now.
x Sue x


  1. Glad to see you are alive. 5 to 6 hours of shopping for clubbing clothes, my what a wondeful mother you are.

    Now, don't stress over the diet thing. Hang in there. It usually is the water, but pretty fun about "time of the month"... Haven't been in that club for a long while here...

    Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for Mr. Twins V-day treat.

    Enjoy your T.V.... Tuesday's is NCIS here...

  2. Aw! What a lovely post. There is something very therapeutic about cleaning the house ( yes,I know!) You hit the nail on the head with 'if my house isn't clean and tidy I can't crochet!' I agree entirely! Which means good time management is essential :))) Enjoy having both daughters home! Ros

  3. 1. Welcome back . I missed you
    2. Good friends are hard to find. Finding a pair that matches your pair is very hard to find. Treasure them!
    3. Diets - Oh how I hate diets. I am very over weight and battle all the time to lose weight - usually with little success ( low will power I think !) All you can do is persevere. I'm trying to lose 6 kilos before I go to France but keep losing then finding the same kilo !!!!
    4. Great news that your daughter is coming home. Is she coming back to live or just paying a visit?Whichever it is it is lovely to spend some time with your grownup kids.

  4. What a lovely friend your Brenda sounds and such a lovely little trinket box. I lost 4 stone a couple of years ago, so I can empathise with you. At our ages, it can be more difficult, but about 2 1/2lbs per week is the perfect weightloss, so don't get down, I'm sure you'll be back on track next week. Personally, I rather have the weight than the monthlies, lol!
    Jak x

  5. Dont fret Sue, hormones are a right pain, whether they are working properly or not! You will find you have lost more next week. Im not even going this week, can't face it the weather has turned cold again, just want to snuggle keep warm and eat! Brenda sounds lovely and the trinket box is very pretty Take care ** Kim xx

  6. Hi Sue, I'm back again. Isn't it funny how your life works out? Not always as we planned it is it? And yes you just have to go along with the way they do things these days. Perhaps they are saving towards something big in their future.
    Neither of my kids are married. My duaghter is 34 and partnerless and my son 30 has a lovely "partner" but no ceremony there either. I'm still hoping like you are that they both find someone to share their futures with the rest becomes less important every day.

  7. what a pretty gift from your friend. Wishing you the best of luck with your wieghtloss may improved health follow ~Blessings Heather

  8. Hi Sue, what a wonderful friend you have in Brenda, but then you must be wonderful for her to think of you with such affection! Beautiful gifts; she's a very talented lady.


  9. You are very lucky to have such a wonderful friend in Brenda, and I'm sure she feels the same way about you.
    While you are gaining one, I am finally, today I hope, going to be alone with hubby. But 2 of the girls are only acrosss the road vbg :-).
    Positive thoughts (and your hard work) will make it a loss next week - you could always blame the heavier clothes :-)


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