Thursday, 14 January 2016


Good morning,

I would like to show you a very pretty Knitted Blanket that I received this morning. Made by two sisters from Guildord J & B Francis this Blanket is a very brightly coloured piece of work. Larger than our normal Sunshine Blankets this Blanket would be perfect to brighten up someone's single bed.

Although I am extremely happy to receive your Blanket may I remind everyone who follows SIBOL that I am  on a short break at the moment and hopefully not receiving any Blankets now until after 1st March. Saying that I will keep your Blanket and deliver it as soon as I am receiving again.

Thank you both very much. Let's take a look now.

Thank you to the two Harris sisters.

Thank you to the Harris Sisters.

Gorgeous thank you!

x Sue x 

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