Monday, 2 November 2009

Birdies fly home!

Hi Everyone!

Well how are you all? Good Halloween? We only had the door bell ring twice this year so I thought it was pretty quiet. The children in our road are older now and I don't think it's been so popular this year. We are already hearing the fireworks going off early, people are setting them off before November 5th as usual. Last year some stupid kid threw a firework into my porch and burnt the walls and ceiling in my porch not to mention my carpet. If I had opened the front door just a few seconds earlier I would have had a firework in my face. Luckily it was only the house that got burnt. We had to ring the Police and Fire Brigade both services were very good and they said that they had been very busy that evening with similar calls. Kids! Nothing better else to do.

It was a nice day in the UK Saturday but yesterday Sunday was very blowy, wet and miserable. I was very naughty I had a lie in till 10 o'clock Sunday which isn't at all like me! I'm back on track with my sleeping pattern, no more late nights you'll be pleased to know and thank you all very much for your concern.

I must say how I enjoyed Cindy's My Romantic Home 'Show and Tell' on Friday. It always amazes me to see the most beautiful things which are showcased. It really is good fun and I would encourage anyone to have a go.

I would also like to thank 'Yarns from a Barnyard in France' for inviting me to join their Charity Knitting and Crocheting! It wouldn't be the Knitting I would be interested in but of course the Crocheting! Helping the needy would be a very good idea and I'm sure many more people would be welcome. I would be interested in making blankets as I'm pretty quick as you know doing ripples now! I have been thinking for a while about Crocheting for the Elderly and I have already made enquiries with Operation Elderly Charity Stitchers here in the U.K. My Grandmother passed away back in 1995 shortly after my Father and I loved her dearly. She was the most remarkable woman. She lived to the fine age of 103, and was very fortuntate that she could live and look after herself in her own home until the day she died. I remember the day she received the telegram off the Queen to congratulate her on her 100th birthday. It was a lovely day and she even made the front page of the news. She also had a personalised birthday greeting off her favourite football club Aston Villa and all the footballers signed it for her. I miss her such a lot.

We also lost my Husband's mother last year and I think it's for these reasons that I am drawn to helping the Elderly. I have never before done any Charity Crocheting but I think in the New Year I will be definitely starting.

I would like to welcome my new followers, glad to meet you all hope you'll enjoy my blog.

I've had some new Birdies fly over to 'Two Times' during the last couple of days. They desperately needed somewhere to land and seem to have made a home in my Bird Cage. I don't mind at all in fact I am pretty pleased! Let's hope they stay awhile and don't fly off.

Want to see them in their new home?

My Birdies.

Two little Birdies in my cage.

Decorative Bird Cage.

I hope everyone has had a good weekend and ready for some more blogging! I popped into Flickr a couple of times over the weekend, pretty quiet. I have to say Blogger had gone down again and took me a while to get on. I experienced the same a couple of weeks ago.

Have a good week everyone and I look forward to your posts.

Hope you'll make a cup of tea and watch my 'Birdie' slideshow!. Enjoy!


  1. These two little birdies are pretty darn cute. I love their new home in the bird cage. Is this out in the conservatory?

    Sooooooooooo,glad to hear that you are back on track with sleeping. I was getting worried about you last week.

    Busy weekend here with the project, not a lot of hooking done. But, it's moving forward nicely.

    Opppppps, there is the doorbell. They are here and ready to start the week again.

    Will try to stop by later this afternoon again.

    Monday Morning Hugs!

  2. how cute they are Sue!!! Glad you had a good weekend. Thanks for dropping by my blog. You are right about Lucy she is a brilliant blogger and it is lovely to know that she is still going to try to post regularly even though she will have her hands full! Have a good evening - off to cook tea!!! Kim x

  3. Your birdies in cage are lovely! I will crochet mine soon - I hope.

    I never thought of crochet items for charity either, but now that my grandmother is living at a nursing house I am more aware of people needs and trying to collaborate in every way I can.

    Have a nice week!

  4. Oh what a pretty blog. LOve your gorgeous crochet and little birds. Will pop back again!

  5. Hello again! Yes, I found you through the Garden Bell. I teach full time which limits my knitting and crocheting time, but I make up for it at weekends and in the holidays. Have a good week. I'll see you agin soon. Ros

  6. Sue Im so excited that you want to crochet for the Elderly I myself make lapghans for the Elderly every Christmas I found that if you use a M crochet hook and make 4 very large granny squares (12 rows) and put them together then crochet a border they make the perfect size lapghan. I pray for you always and I love your birdies I will need to make some as soon as I get home! happy crocheting my friend...

  7. The birdies are lovely, Sue, and what a great post. Your Grandmother lived to a really remarkable age, didn't she?


  8. Sue!
    How are you? And your twin-birdies?
    Chirping and flying around the house?
    Very good idea to start Charity Crocheting!
    Have a nice day!
    -x- Karin

  9. Hi Sue - Ive just emailed you but there was an error, apparently, so I'm not sure if you have received it. I'll try again tomorrow.


  10. Oh, to be able to put up a long post again. I sure missed it so far this week. Had my bi-annual at the dentist this morning, so once again today got away from me. We are moving right along here, so I may catch a moment towards the end of the week. They are not starting on all the windows until Wednesday...then we are off and running again....moving toward getting out of the bedroom/, that's where the real pain will begin for me.

    Such a nice post to look at again. Love you Twin Birdies... Hope to get some time tomorrow and do something beside clean the dust, which by the way is everywhere.


  11. Hi, Su I m so happy I find your blog.!!!! Its adorable and very very beautifull.
    I have trouble with flickr I can`t enter, and I don`t know what can I do.!!! Imagine, it s really a very big problem
    Well, I will visit you here for instant
    Greetings from Argentina, my friend, sorry for my english
    Karina Detexo

  12. I love your blog you have so many beautiful crochet things love the pretty colors you use too. My mom would have loved your flowers she made many and put them in vases to show them off. Your blog is bright and looks happy too. The cup cakes look so real they are pretty. Thank you sharing such beautiful work.

  13. Que lindo blogs, te felicito Sue por todas las cosas hermosas que haces.Un abrazo y bendiciones


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