Wednesday, 18 November 2009

'Crocheted Butterflies'.

Welcome to Wednesday's post.

What a dreadful day here in the UK. Dark, wet and miserable. Good job we've got some pretty Butterflies to cheer us up!

'Crocheted Butterflies'.

I crocheted these yesterday. A break from my Ripple. I haven't done any Ripple since the other evening when I sat by the Fireside waiting for my daughter to come home. Thanks to everyone 'all over the world' who were just a little concerned for me! You all know what's it's like when you have young adults living in the house. Worry, worry, worry! I think this age 23 is one of the hardest for us Moms!

Bethel of Bethania very kindly gave me a link to Nets Pets. The lady on the blog has very kindly put a video up to make some Butterflies. I must say she really did a fantastic job. Her instructions were fantastic and I'm very proud to say that I have now done 4 coloured Butterflies and I've done 5 white and gold ones. (Which I shall post a bit later).

The Butterflies are just basically made using trebles and the instructions are really dead easy! Please have a go. They are such fun. I think I actually like doing them better than the Birds because they are so........quick. You can change wool to make a variety of different designs to suit whatever and you can put them anywhere.

The ones on the Conservatory by the Window are just stuck up there with white sticky fixers. The one on the Cage is wired on.

If you visit Bethel of Bethania either on Flickr or her blog you will see the gorgeous ones she made and put in her garden. She has taken some wonderful shots. Look closely though, because the first time I visited her blog I thought it was just a leaf in the garden and I nearly missed them! She's done a variety of different colours and they really are so pretty. Well done Bethel!

Please visit to watch the Butterfly video.

Here's another photo of the Bird Cage and Butterflies.

'Crocheted Butterflies, Crocheted Flowers, Crocheted Birdies!'.

I'd love to know whether you've managed to have a go. As I say a very quick easy project.

Have a good day everyone!
Bye for now.....

Oh! P.S. I have this afternoon managed to get another Christmas tree! If you read my blog you will know the story! x

Please watch my very quick slide show and listen to the music of Alicia Keys - 'Butterflies'.


  1. Sue, Your bird cage is comming alive with each new addition of crocheted wonderfulness! Your ripple in the sidebar photo is in such beautiful colors. Crocheting by the fireside on a wet evening sounds wonderful! Worrying about 23 year olds isn't! My daughter excitedly called me to replay her first arrest experience in her officer training - eiks! - some things Mom's don't want to know! Have a lovely weekend! E

  2. Wow... Love you new addition of butterflies. Very cool. Great one to give us your first tutorial one. That is unless it's toooooo hard... I can only handle the easy stuff right now.

    Glad to see you are taking a few breaks now and then. I think we both needed it. I can't imagine having a 23 year old at home right now. I remember what I was like at 23.....not a great happy camper. I'm sure I give my mom a few sleepless nights. Hang in there.

    Lots of work done today. But, now that I added the bath I'm sure we will be heading into the Christmas season before completed.....icks... but still hope to get some decor up.

    Thanks sweetie for all your support.



  3. Looks wonderful Sue. You had to make them as they needed to be there :-)

  4. How pretty they are Sue - I am late looking in on everyone tonight - busy day and we have had lots of power cuts because of the weather. I love the butterflies - I can see me making some of those for the spring to attach to the plants in my conservatory. Well done. PS so glad you got the Christmas Tree K x

  5. G'day Sue
    Well your butterflies are beautiful... love the colours you have used... you must have a very extensive colour range ;-} Now that birdcage is just the top place to display them & also up the wall ... how cool Really brighten a dull wet winters day in UK... OOroo... B

  6. Congratulation on getting your tree! I love your butterflies! They are so cute. Sue, you are just too talented! My tree is primarily blue, white and silver. Sooooo.... if these butterflies are as easy as you say, I might try to make a few to stick in my tree. I love whimsical details here and there hidden in the tree. How has your week been going so far? -April

  7. Thank you for the link to those sweet butterfies...I need to make a few of those:-)
    Hope your keeping well.

  8. I love your cheerful butterfles! It's been cold, dark and rainy here for the last three days. I think I need to make me some! Have a nice day! Twyla

  9. Hi Sue! Thank-you so much for posting a link to my butterfly tutorial! Yours look so wonderful and colour co-ordinated! I'm glad you've enjoyed them, and I've enjoyed looking around all your wonderful creations.

  10. I wanted to leave a bit longer post. Hello Sue, my name is Ellen La Que and I'm living here in Scotia, New York USA with my husband Kevin and our 3 living children, Caroline 6, Kevin 2, and baby Isabelle 1. I was looking online for a free pattern for a crocheted butterfly that I maybe could put my own spin on so to say, when I came across your fabulous flutters!! I want to do a small workshop (where I teach as a crochet/knitting instructor to adults) to make a crocheted butterfly and then tell my fellow members of Compassionate Friends (a group here is the US - not sure about abroad, that supports parents that have suffered the death of a child. My 2nd daughter Jeanette passed away at 17 and 1/2 days due to a period of hypoxia she suffered during my delivery. I would love to do this butterfly and the first one shall perch atop her urn. Do you have a pattern I could have? Let me know and I'll give you my email if you need it - I'm not sure how this works.. Thank you, and have a pleasant day.
    Ellen : )


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