Monday, 23 November 2009

I want to ask a question! :)

Hello to all my friends on Monday!
Good Weekend I hope!

Most of you have seen photos of my home, but I thought I would show them again for those who haven't.  We all love our homes and I am no exception. I just love making my home cozy for the family and I love to show off my Crocheting around the house.

Our Kitchen.

My Kitchen this is where I say hi to you all!

Growing Flowers.

It's also where I do my Crocheting!

Our Lounge.

On an evening I sit in the Lounge to do my Crocheting

'Fireside Ripple'. Night 4. Ripple 4.

so cozy by my fire.................


and in the Spring and Summer months this room is a joy my Conservatory is so pretty when the sun is shining and it really is a lovely room to sit in and spend a couple of hours crocheting away.......and away........and away!

'and again!'.

Can't you just tell how I enjoy this room?

'and again!'.

Crochet in the Conservatory.

My brass pig keeps me company (very expensive piggy he was too!).

I think this is my favourite room of the house.

Where do you do your Crocheting? I have in the past even taken it out with me in the car.  If we've gone on long journeys I've sat doing it in the car to pass time away.  Do you ever do any in public? I'd just be interested to know where you do your Crocheting maybe a really weird place! Want  to leave a comment?

Thanks for visiting my post today. Have a good day!


  1. This is such a fun post, seeing your home lets us know your personality! All the crochet is amazing to see at one sitting. Inspiring, every single room! E

  2. Your home looks a lovely, cozy place to crochet:-)
    Take care,

  3. I crochet and share my ramblings from my desk at my bedroom, but it is a very untidy place and I am not taking any photo!

    Your house is lovely, I have seen the conservatory before - talking as if I have been there! lol - but your lounge and kitchen look very comfy and nice too.

  4. Your home is beautiful, heartwarming and welcoming. I'd love to visit sometime! It's your crochet in your home that makes it so pretty. I have a favorite spot on the couch that I sit to crochet most of the time, but when the weather is right, I have a sunroom where I enjoy it also. I do take it in the car on long trips, why waste all that time when my fingers could be busy. I don't crochet in public though. Thank you for visiting our blog and your kind words! Have a nice day! Twyla

  5. Very good question! Here's my answer:

    Since our daughters left the house to live on their own, we have 2 empty rooms. One of them became my craftroom. It's not finished yet, some painting needs to be done, but I love to crochet here already. My laptop is here, my sewingmachine, a television and all the little things I like to have here. What I like most is the light. I need my lamps right above my hands.
    I hope to show you some pictures.... once the room is finished...

    ~X~ Karin

  6. I had the hooks and yarn with me. But after a day of walking, there was no energy left to crochet, and there was not enough light to see how to crochet.
    So I'm glad to be back home!

  7. Hi Sue
    Love the rooms in your home and the many crafted items.
    As for me, I crochet on "my seat" on the lounge or out on the balcony - both where I can gaze out and check the view from time to time

  8. Loved the pictures of your home looks wonderful and I love how your crocheting has made it so pretty and unique. I love the colors you chose they look great together. I like to knit on my couch when I am watching a good mystery. I pull my glasses down halfway so I can watch tv and knit. Probably why my stuff turns out so crooked hehehe ~Have a blessed day and A most Happy Thanksgiving~Heather

  9. Sue, I have stopped back because you must see the Tea Cozy on Dutch Blue's blog. This is what I think I would like to crochet next if I can find a pattern. I am off to hunt! Have a lovely week ahead! Elizabeth

  10. You home is as beautiful as sweet. You have very cute and sweet stuff (my little boy is pig fan), and your favs places to crocheting are ... is a inspiration too.

    I crocheting in every where, in the schools of my kids, in the bus, in car, but the place that i love to crocheting is my little garden. Is so special to me feel the win, the trees, and ear my kids playing and laugh while i'm working (i have three little children in my life):)

    Hugs from Chile, congrats, have a nice and magic week :)

  11. Thank you for your visit Sue. You have a very cozy home and you're an amazing crocheter! The magazine that featured the teacozy is in French, wich I can't read. So, snif..snif..I don't know how to crochet it!
    My favorite crochet place is in front of the tv. I have my own attic craftsroom, lucky me. That's where I do my sewing. But in the evening I like to be in the livingroom with the rest of the family. So I save the crochet and knitting projects for those moments.

  12. G'day Sue
    Well I don't know how I missed this post of yours but I did... think the heat is getting to me...
    Where do I do most of my crochet?... Well most of the time it's in the lounge after tea watching TV but there again I have been known to take it with me to do while I wait at doctors/hospital when I go to visit folks even on the train... I'd love to do it in the car BUT, a tad problematic, cause I'm usually the driver but if I'm not, I do it then too...
    Just sent a couple of days with my girlfriend sitting crocheting on her lovely back verandah in the breeze... B


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