Friday, 6 November 2009

"My Husband Said?........................................................

Hi Everyone!
Well Monday's here already, comes around quickly doesn't it?
Hope everyone's had a good weekend. We haven't had much time to ourselves once again. Our weekends these days seem to be taken up with helping everyone else. Before you know it the weekend has disappeared again. But we did manage to grab an hour or so on Saturday Evening to watch the highlight of Saturday night's TV viewing 'X Factor'. What a good show, although we don't always agree with who leaves the show that evening, we still continue to watch. Probably because there's not alot else on! For those who are not in the UK. It's a programme which tries to find that certain person who has the 'X Factor' which then launches them into a Pop singing career!

But while we watching the show, my Husband called me over to his chair. He said, 'Sue, just kneel down on the floor and look over to the sofa and look at your cushion.' This is what I did and this is what I saw!

We weren't the only ones that were tired! Poor cushion. My Crocheted cushion looks so......sleepy! ha.ha.

'Welcome Friends!'.
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Well Bonfire Night has come and gone and now I suppose it'll be Christmas next.

BrendaS2 bought me a kit to do years ago, and although I did start off well things came up and I had to put it away. It's been 'away' for a fairly lengthy time. So a few days ago I decided I must do it and because I am now showing some of my sewing and crocheting on Flickr this has actually spurred me on! So thanks Flickr.

So the moral in this story is..........If you have a W.I.P. that really needs to be finished. Say to yourself......I can't wait to put it on Flickr to show my friends. That way you'll get it finished........

So here it is. A very pretty kit made by Bucilla. If you want to see some more of their kits. There is a good web site to Bucilla Needlecrafts and then Felt. You will see a lot of the Bucilla kits. Great fun!

It's rather like the Christmas Village Tree Skirt. All the pieces had to be cut out and sewn and then afterwards sequins were added.

I'm pleased now I've finished.

So thanks dear Brenda.

Now. One of my friends on Flickr Alhana has a blog called Cajon Desastre. Please check her out, because she has the most amazing video showing. 'The Last Knit!'. It is so......funny. Whether you like Knitting or Crocheting it's the same sort of thing and it is absolutely hilarious!
Please visit her and tell her you've come through me.

I have my Daughter at home today, so I don't know whether I'll have much time to myself. I hope to get on later. Hope everyone has a good Monday.


  1. Now that's a cushion to make one smile! I love the colors in your room. The peach and gray are lovely! Have a wonderful week ahead! Elizabeth

  2. It's a lovely cushion, even if it is tired! It was just enjoying a Sunday snooze!

  3. Now where did this pumpkin pillow come from. You just keep pulling out these cuties. From where, I do not know. You must have the biggest storage closet hidden away somewhere.

    Glad to see you had a nice quiet weekend and were able to step away from blogland. Good job.

    Love your newly finish Xmas goodie. You are way ahead of me on getting at that stuff....he-he...

    Have a great week. I'll be around as much as I can.

    Hugs, Kate

  4. Hi there Sue! I can't properly comment on your latest post because my laptop hasn't fully loaded your post and half an hour has already passed. Oh well, can't wait to post my message. Besides, have to get off the computer so i might as well leave my comment now. You know how it is, i'm just sneaking time.

    Rosette :~)

  5. Poor lovely cushion! I think it needs a partner. ;-)

  6. Hi Sue Your cushion made me smile - it reminds me of myself on a Friday night!! Enjoy your time with your daughter. Kim x

  7. Hi Sue!
    In the Netherlands we know the X-Factor too!
    With Dutch candidates of course.

    Your cusion looks very tired.... give him a boost... vitamines maybe? Or a piece of my cake perhaps? Hahahaa

    Your "welcome friends" looks lovely!

    I hope your finger heals quickly!

    -x- Karin


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