Thursday, 26 November 2009

'Show and Tell' Friday - My Crocheted Ripples.

Hi Everyone!
Thanks for visiting my blog today on 'Show and Tell' Friday. Cindy is hosting from My Romantic Home I hope you'll check her blog out. It's always lovely to see what everyone is showing.

Today I have been racking my brain wondering what to Show! I know a lot of my friends have seen my Ripples but there may be some Followers on Cindy's blog that haven't so, here they are.

The First Ripple I crocheted was 'The Candy Ripple Cuddle Hugger'. My friend gave me the pattern.

My First Ripple Blanket and Crocheted flowers.

This one matches my Conservatory, lovely summery colours.

I just love taking photos when everything is finished!

What's Black and White and 'RED' all over? 'The Newspaper Ripple'.
A Ripple Blanket for my Daughter's flat.

Out into the Garden we go again!

Of course then a Ripple for my other Daughter, can't leave her out.'The Cotton Candy Ripple'.

Now I'm in the process of crocheting the 'Fireside Ripple'. This one is for me! This one is taking me a bit longer as time has been a bit more limited. So this is a W.I.P.

'Fireside Ripple'. Night 4. Ripple 4.

'Fireside Ripple' Night 6 - Ripple 4.

If anyone would like the pattern,I don't charge I'd only be too pleased to let you have it. I use Flickr mail more than ordinary. Flickr (Mrs Twins). Just shout!

Thank you everyone for your weekly support and to all my friends in the US I hope you have a very 'Happy Thanksgiving.'


  1. They're all so pretty it would be difficult to pick a favorite, but your new one is sure cozy looking. I think it's coming along great! I have too many WIP keeping me from getting many of them done:( Thank you for your sweet comment on our blog and thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes. We've had a nice day, hope you did too! Twyla

  2. Oh, Sue, your ripples are lovely! The colors you use are so pretty! Thank you for sharing and have a beautiful weekend! Blessings to you! Vicki

  3. As usual Sue, your work is beautiful and the blankets look fab showcased one after the other. Take care and have a good day! K x

  4. Everything....everything is so beautiful. I love the color combinations as well.

    My show n tell is HERE

    Happy Friday.

  5. GORGEOUS! I think I'm in love with the cotton candy ripple. I wish I could crochet or knit,it's such a lovely hobby. I also have twins...They are girl/boy and are 13 1/2 PLUS we have one more, a little lady of 7 1/2! Thanks for your show and tell!

  6. All of them are lovely, you know I like them, but my favourite is still your daughter's red, black & white ripple. And I don't even like red! But that colour combination made a cool and neat afghan.

    Have a happy weekend, Sue!

  7. They are all so lovely! You are so good at putting the different colors together to make them look so beautiful!

  8. I wish I could crochet like you. You are so talented. The colors are all beautiful. Rosie

  9. You do wonderful work! I used to knit when I was young but never kept it up. I think it is such a calming hobby.

  10. Oh, they are all so pretty! you are one talented lady!

    Have a great day!

  11. Sue, This was a wonderful post! I see that your daughter's personalities are very different by their afghans. Both beautiful! You have inspired me to work on a crocheted project this weekend, and I have very limited skills. The inspiration you have given me is: English, and not to be afraid to just give it a try! Show you soon. Elizabeth

  12. Your "ripples" are just lovely....I especialy like the one you are crocheting for yourself.
    I'd love to see the finished piece.

  13. I love all those ripples but my favourite is the cotton candy ripple ~ my little girl would love it too :O)

  14. Wow! Such lovely blankets. All of them have just perfect colour combinations. I especially like the one you are making for yourself. Gorgeous colours. It looks so warm and snuggly. Great to pop back again, by the way! Have a gret week. Ros

  15. You know that I love your crochet work, and I especially love these ripple afghans. I'd love to have the pattern. You can click on my link for my email, or just reply back to my comment. If there is a better way let me know.



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