Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Not again! :)

Tuesday is here.
Hi to everyone!

Well the week is starting off very cold here in the U.K. It really was quite chilly yesterday. I love this time of year when you can cozy up to the fire on an evening. I think I'm a 'Winter person' more than a Summer one. I love being at home in front of the fire sitting Crocheting watching T.V. especially when there's a good drama on. Today (wait for it) I started ANOTHER ripple! I know I said the pink and white was my last. But I'm off again. Mainly this time to use some wool up. I'm going to do one for the Lounge this time. So my colours are going to be.............


This is because I have just finished something for the Bathroom. Wanna see?........ Well I'll tell you how it started first before I do ta-dah!!

I walked into Hobby Craft the other day and there stacked up were some red baskets. I know typical Christmasy colours. I don't like the red but I wanted it for something......

Take a basket.

So Take one red Christmasy basket from Hobby-Craft.

Crochet a Rectangle of Ripple.

Crochet a rectangle of ripple (again) wide enough to fit around the basket and make a tubey. Deep enough to cover the outside and the inside. Sew the edges up.

Outside and Inside of the Basket.

Crochet a circle shape to make the base, with rows of trebles. Sew it in to place.

Base of the Basket.

Make another circle shape with trebles to fit. Sew that in place. So you know have the outside, inside, base (outer) and base (inner.

Thread a white ribbon through the holeys.

Add the ribbon and make a bow.

Then you end up with a basket to keep those Bathroom towels in! You can just see a tiny-weeny bit of red through the holeys but who cares!

'Towel Basket Rescue!'.

Now back to the ripple.......... I'm not in any hurry to finish it. Just something to do while watching T.V. and I also want to use some of my wool up.


  1. Your basket is very fun. Can't believe how quickly you got it finish.

    I knew you would start another ripple...he-he... Love the new color choices. Looks like it will go very well on the couch it's on.

    Thanks for stopping by at my garden today.

    Glad to see you are getting to sleep earlier this week.....good girl....

    Hugs till tomorrow,


  2. Sue, I love that basket. What a terrific job you've done on it and so quickly, too. I'm looking forward to seeing the latest ripple when it's finished!


  3. Hi Sue! The covered basket is lovely - you certainly love your ripples!!!!! I also love your colours for the new blanket - I use cynet wool its good isn't it and very reasonable. Thanks for your nice comments on my blog. Have a great day Kim x

  4. Sue!!!!!!!!!!
    You are faster than light.
    It's a beautiful basket!
    ~x~ Karin

  5. You are a very busy and creative person

  6. What a wonderful idea! You did a great job! I hope your week is going well! Take care! -April

  7. This is a brilliant idea! I hope you don't mind if I use it! I love making ripple afghans too. I've made more of them than any other kind. They are relaxing and perfect to work on while watching tv. Have a lovely day! Twyla


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