Sunday, 15 November 2009

'Christmas fun!'.

Hi everyone!

Monday has come round rather quickly. The start of another week. Hope everyone's weekend was enjoyable.

I would just like to say at the start of the week how much I'm enjoying chatting to you all. Receiving your comments really make my day on Flickr. I can't believe I have loaded 831 photos in 6 months and I've had 7,751 views! I've also been blogging since September and I'd like to thank all my loyal friends and new Followers! 45 in all. I still can't quite believe people want to look at my photos and read my blog!! Yes, Kate we have come a long........way since starting blogging more or less at the same time. So thank you all so......much!

November is passing us by and before we know it we will have Christmas upon us. I went into the Garden Centre last Saturday to pick up a new Christmas tree I had reserved, but they told me they had a break-in two nights before and they had 'nicked' all the trees and reindeers the ones that light up. (Shame!) Fortunately, the police were doing a routine check on the retail park and they caught the two chaps red-handed! You'd think in that case they would have recovered the goods. I'm waiting for a phone call to say that they've managed to obtain one for me. The tree I have had for the last 5 or 6 years has now come to the end of it's life. It's a twig tree with lights wired into the branches. I just can't face putting it up again this year, as I have to tie the ends of the branches with rubber bands because the branches have dropped because the hinges have broken. I'll let you know when I have some news (that's if you're interested!) ha.ha.

I don't know whether you ladies on Flickr have Sarah London Textiles as one of your contacts, but her blog is really worth looking at. She's got a pattern there for a Christmas Tree which really is 'easy peasy' and some lovely little Christmas decorations. So please take a look

Also I'd like to give Kim a plug. She has a beautiful Snowman Garland hanging in her home along with other Christmas decorations she has made. It's well worth a visit because she is sharing a tutorial.

I'm thinking of Christmas today and the fun I had a while back making these mosaics from Big Huge Labs. If you haven't already tried making them I suggest you do. Here's some of my Christmas Sewing. The Mosaics are really easy to make.

Christmas Sewing

Christmas Village Tree Skirt - Handmade by Mrs Twins.

Gingerbread Family and Tree Skirt Handmade by Mrs Twins.

Fairy, Valentine Kisses Doll and Angel by Mrs Twins.


  1. Hello Sue! I'm ending my Sunday and preparing for my Monday. I have to be at the bank and ready to work at...6AM!! Isn't that terrible?!? I sure hope you get a tree soon. That is just terrible the things some people will do, they never cease to amaze me. We had a 9 ft tree but it's branches too were looking pretty sickly so we got rid of that one and bought an all white tree. We decorated it last year with all blue decorations. I can't wait to see how you will decorate your tree. I'm sure it will be beautiful! I hope you have a great Monday. Take care,

  2. Hi Sue! Sorry about your Christmas tree - hope they catch the culprits soon and you get the new tree you ordered. Thank you!!!!! for mentioning me on your blog - how kind!!! I have linked to yours today (hopefully it works) without even realising you had mentioned me so thanks. Your Christmas mosaic is stunning!!!! I still haven't had the time to look into that one yet, but I will try to soon. Today is very up and down here with the weather and the power keeps going off and messing up my computer - the joys of living in the country! Kim x

  3. How wonderful all of your felt creations are! I tried in vain to order the tree skirt you made, but it was a popular seller. It is so much fun to see it all stitched. All of the gingerbread people are such fun! Have a lovely week! Elizabeth

  4. Sadly this year I won't have a happy Christmas and I don't think I am going to decorate or make gifts. Maybe next year. Anyway, I have a lot of fun seeing your preparations for these holidays and peeking at your life for a while. :-)

    Also, I've been a follower of Sarah London's blog for some time and I love her works. She is so inspiring!


  5. Oh, all those Christmassy things are really gorgeous! Makes me feel rather panicky, as I haven't even begun to think about it all yet. It usually works out in the end though :D

  6. what a fab post it really cheered me up...think I will now go and make something Christmasy:-)

  7. So nice to see your Christmas decor. Right now, I can't even think about it..yet...

    Snuck under the plastic covering the computer this morning, before the drywalling in here starts. I so am already to be back to normal.

    Yes, use any picture for your gallery you would like. I'll try to get a picture of the actual me up soon.

    Boo-Hoo. No package in the post yet. I keep looking...

    Sorry to put all here, but they will be pushing me out of here very soon.

    HUgs, KaTe


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