Monday, 30 November 2009

Do you Wanna See? - Ta dah!!

Hi Everyone!
The start of a new week, Monday here again already.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. I am very lucky to be able to be on-line this morning as my Talk TAlk landline is down. Thankfully the internet is okay. Fingers Crossed!

Very chilly weekend, rainy and cold. Good job I have something now to snuggle up too! Yes, finally it's ready to be unveiled!!!!! Ta. dah!! (As Lucy says) ha.ha.

I wanted to do another Ripple. We all know they're addictive! This time one for my Lounge. When it started off I really wasn't sure about the colours although I knew they were the same colours as my sofa, I still had my doubts. But after doing a few rows and trying to be 'creative' with how I arranged the Ripple to take my photo I soon got into it.

Night 2. 'Fireside Ripple'. Ripple No. 4!

'Fireside Ripple'. Night 4. Ripple 4.

It was nice to sit by the fire and do my Ripple while watching TV.

'Fireside Ripple'. Night 5. Ripple 4.

'Fireside Ripple'. - completed.

I was so.....happy to finally get that last row in! 100 rows in all. Measuring 40" x 63". Hayfield DK. Around £1.49 a 100gm ball. I would say roughly £9.00 to make. Just an edging of Double Crochet. I really have a problem with putting an edging on any wider than that. I think it spoils the flow of the Ripple.

Then outside to take some shots. Sun today makes a change. Lighting is a problem now.....

Crocheted Carnations match the Ripple perfectly.

Took along my Crocheted Carnations out of the vase on the fireplace to take a shot. They matched beautifully.

Ta - dah!!

Ta - dah! Introducing 'My Fireside Ripple'.

I really enjoyed doing this one. Just what I need on these cold nights. I have been a little held up with this one. It's taken me slightly longer, but does it matter? Got there in the end....... I hope you enjoy looking at my Ripple.

What's next?.............. I have a plan BUT I'm not sure whether it's going to work out so all I can say is 'WATCH THIS SPACE!'.

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time and trouble to comment on my Ripples. My friend BrendaS2 gave me the pattern, without her all of this wouldn't have been possible. So thanks Dear Brenda x

If anyone would like the pattern please email me
or Flickr mail. Flickr Mrs Twins

Thanks again!! December here, Christmas Crafting in full swing now for a lot of you, hope you enjoy whatever you get up to. Bye for now, 'Keep Crocheting!'.

Today's slide show. Will Young - Light My Fire (How appropriate!).


  1. Another beautiful ripple, Sue! I have a few projects to finish before trying the ripple pattern you sent me, but I'm definitely going to do it. I even have the colors picked out.

    Are you going to name this one??

  2. Lovely! I know I always say the same thing about your ripples but what can I do, I like them all! This one looks so soft and sweet, very girly without pink in it.

    You make me want to make another afghan - but I don't have enough time!

    Have a nice week! Hugs.

  3. That is a gorgeous colour combination and I just love the ripple pattern.I have emailed you about the pattern:-)
    Another stunning ripple blanket Sue:-)
    Take care,

  4. Hi Sue

    I left a message on flickr - your blanket is fab and you will be able to snuggle up with it straight away as its turning so cold brr.Well done the stitching is perfect you will have to let me have the pattern too! I hope you had a great weekend and I am very impressed that you ventured into the garden for the ta dah! photos - brave! Thank you for your comments on my blog and I will get round to trying mosaics. Take care Kim x

  5. Hi Sue!

    This is lovely!
    A warm blanket for the cold times....
    Very very nice!

    ~X~ Karin

  6. Sue this is beautiful! Definately worth the time. It's gorgeous! I love it...

  7. Such a pretty ripple! I can't wait to see your next creative venture. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  8. Sue, this is so lovely, well they all are, but as this one is just for you, it is just that extra bit more lovelier

  9. I love those soft colours, Sue, they look wonderful together, and so warming to look at and snuggle under, I bet!


  10. I can't believe you're done already! And a pretty matching pillow too! You are amazing. I can't wait to see what you make next. You are an inspiration. I am keeping my fingers busy knitting houseshoes for Christmas presents. Have a great week! Twyla


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