Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Kindness from across the miles.

Hi everyone!

It's my thank you day today! From time to time I usually thank you for your continued support whether it be here on my blog or over on Flickr. I've now uploaded 866 photos and
I've had 8,920 views! That's a lot of people all over the world who are taking the time and trouble to visit my Flickr photos. I'm having a great time and it's really nice to meet and chat to you all. I have now 316 contacts! Can you believe that? I try to take the time each day to browse through the contact pages to see what's new and hopefully I haven't missed anything. I try to comment as much as I can and I really enjoy the communication between us.

Amongst my contacts I have built up a nice friendship with Elizabeth Cat in Latvia. I admire her work greatly and I would recommend anyone to visit her photostream. She has the most beautiful Crocheting Set! It's funny how we all have our own individual likes and dislikes. I tend to go for pale colours, others brighter colours like Elizabeth.

I happen to mention the other day how beautiful the gold looked on her cushions and how I was having trouble getting some in the UK. I'm probably not looking in the right place and everywhere I have tried has no stock. Well she did the sweetest thing and went out and bought me some from her yarn shop. I was so touched by her kindness and I was overjoyed yesterday when in the post I received 4 beautiful balls of Gold thread.

Beautiful Gold Thread from a friend.

So yesterday I enjoyed 'Golden Tuesday'. I used the Crocheting thread to make another birdie which I have called 'Golden Birdie' and three 'Golden Butterflies', these are to be put on my Christmas tree. I had such a wicked time making them.

'Golden Tuesday!' Fun Day! (Lights not good today!).

'Golden Birdie'.

'Golden Butterflies' amongst my twig lights.

Thank you very much Elizabeth Cat!

I just love doing the Butterflies. If you visit she has some lovely ones on her blog that she made along with some gorgeous crocheted rocks. She actually got the instructions from I do hope you'll visit both blogs and have a go!

Hope you'll pop over on Friday I have some photos of my Christmas Tree. I put the tree up this morning but you'll have to be patient, I've tried to load them but my charger is playing up on my iphone.

Before I go for all you Crocheting fanatics. Would you like to pop over to visit Elizabeth Monday's post 30th November, she has the most beautiful tea cozy. It's crocheted in her favourite colours and it's a real delight to see. She also has some wonderful Christmas goodies over there.

Bye for now, look forward to chatting to you all as usual and my new followers! Thanks again for your friendship very much appreciated.


  1. I love your golden birdies and butterflies they are so festive:-)
    Looking forward to seeing you Christmas tree.

  2. Hi Sue, I just love those beautiful butterflies!!! Your work is so meticulous and beautiful, I enjoy viewing your creations. Take care, Anne!!!

  3. Sue!
    You are a lucky girl! This beautiful gift makes golden birdies and butterflies fly in your house.
    This will be a Golden Christmas!
    ~X~ Karin

  4. Love the golden birdie! I've never seen any of that thread either, but I've never really looked either.

    You have a lovely blog and really great crochet items to look through. I enjoy coming here to read and see what's new.

    Blog friends are the best!

  5. Wow!!! Christmas spirit of sharing - so lovely. And what beautiful items you have made with it - so sparkly and full of light

  6. Your birdies and butterflies look stunning. I have lots of oddments of sparkly crochet thread and I'm really tempted to have a go, but I really must get on with making Christmas pressies!


  7. Hi Sue,
    Nice to meet you. I think your pastel shades are very pretty. Look forward to seeing your Christmas tree.

  8. Hi Sue, you deserve it all - when you give out your hugs and love you get it back from all over the world! What a lovely well deserved surprise for you. Looking forward to seeing your tree have a great day love Kim x


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