Monday, 21 December 2009

Crocheted Butterflies for my Mom's tree.

Hi Everyone!

Christmas week is here, and what horrible weather we are having. It seems as though we've all got snow apart from our dear friends in Australia who are sweltering in the heat. It's causing such a lot of problems the roads, the planes, the Channel Tunnel. Oh dear.

I've been doing just a little bit of Crocheting this weekend. Mom loved my Butterflies so I crocheted her a few for her tree.

I'm posting a couple of photos for you to see.

I did go out into the garden early morning on Saturday to take a shot. It was quite sunny at the time which was nice. I hung the Butterflies on the bush outside.

Butterflies for my Mom's Christmas Tree,


Then I went round to my Mom's she lives locally. I hung them on her Purple and Green decorated tree. She has a white tree the same as mine. It's nice to see how these trees can differ with a different colour combination.
Sparkle, Sparkle!

Pretty Butterfly.


Mom's favourite colours Purple and Green. Her whole house is in Purple and Green! Even the garden, Green grass, Purple flowers! Purple and Green carpets all over her house. Purple and Green ornaments adorn her home.

Even Mom's rings were Purple and Green stones! When my twin Daughters were little, Little Miss Twin 1 held her hand with the Green ring, Little Miss Twin 2 held the other hand with the Purple ring! Even now the girls love these colours. Dear Nanny!

So Mom loved the Butterflies, they glisten beautifully on her tree.Thanks for letting me share them with you.

Have a good Monday everyone!


Pleased to say my Fireside Ripple made it to Explore, but then dropped out. Also My Christmas Angel. I am so pleased they made it. (Didn't stay there too long, but at least I can say they got there!). Unfortunately, I never noticed until too late! I've now had 6 in total make it to Explore.

Also welcome to my new Followers! Thanks for joining me!


  1. I just came across your blog, it is lovely. Those purple butterflies are so sweet :)

    All things nice...

  2. Beautiful vibrant colours. They look stunning hanging on the bush in your garden too. Don't think I've seen one like it before with those little purplish berries.

    Funny my Mum loves purple too.
    Stay warm. you don't want the sniffles at this stage.
    PS What a clever lady you are with the butterflies and slide show!

  3. Hi Ms Sue ...Goodmorning ! Your butterflies are so cute ,i love the purple .I'm making grannies squares with a flower in the middle .This is a new granny for me ,i had crocheted some of them but this one is the first time and i love it .It's a little different flower.HAPPY HOLIDAYS !!!!

    HUGS ,


  4. Too cool. I was think about it last night as I dozed off on my cold medicine. Yes, the sniffles are back. I was wondering if you would post a picture of your garden in the snow. Very fun to see it first thing this morning.

    Now, about that bush with those wonderful little berries. I think I put in the same one this past summer. Mine is still small but wow.... I'm already thinking about how wonderful it will be next year when bigger. Now, if I could just put some of those fun butterflies like you made for you mom on mine.

    Going to have some Grinch yarn left. Will have to search your past posts to see if you put up the pattern or link.

    It's really fun to see everyone's tree. I love see other who are able to stir themselves away for the standard red/green. Very fun.

    As the sniffles have returned, maybe I shouldn't have been out on Saturday shoveling. I'm heading back to bed. Looks like we are in for a week of snow here....icks. I have to get well for the big day with my Mom.

    Kate-The Garden Bell

  5. Beautiful butterflies, no wonder your mum loved them! And also in the slide-show, how cool is that?

    There is snow everywhere in Spain too, so awful. Thankfully my place is safe -for now. Who thought Spain was always warm and sunny? ;-)

    Please stay warm and enjoy holidays. Hugs.

  6. You inspired me today to make some butterflies. I've been meaning to try them and today was the day when I saw your pretty purples ones. I checked out the video and crocheted along when making my first one. Then I made another one just to make sure I had it down. It was fun and easy, just like you said it would be. They turned out so pretty.

    Love the purple ones with your sparkly yarn, and love the purple-berried bush too. So pretty in the snow.

    Take care.

  7. So kind of you to make these for your mom. They look so pretty on the tree. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas! Twyla

  8. I so love it when unconventional colors are used during the holiday season. Your Mum's are so very lovely. How sweet you are to make her special things for her tree!!

    Hugs from across "The Pond"


  9. Hi Sue
    While I have never been a fan of purple, I do love what you have done. I love the intense dark colours and with the green they are fantastic. I do love how you have taken the photos. Maybe I will be more open to colours now I am older - I so love the mixtures everyone is coming up with


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