Thursday, 3 December 2009

'Show and Tell Friday' - Welcome to my home at Christmas.

Hi I'm linking this to Cindy of My Romantic Home. She is hosting 'Show and Tell Friday' again. Thank you Cindy.I hope you'll pop over and visit her.

Thanks for popping over to see me.

I decided yesterday to put the decorations up. I am quite early this year, in fact I don't usually put them up until a week before. Little Miss. Twin has her Gym Dinner and Dance on Friday evening, she is going to wear a silver sparkly sequin dress and you know what I want the house to be Christmasy for her. That's the reason why I have put the tree and decorations up early. I want to get her in the mood!

Well I am pleased to say I did manage to get another Christmas tree from the same Garden Centre. As lots of you know they had reserved me one, but upon going to collect they told me they had had a break in! So my tree was no longer available. They worked very hard to get me another one in. So thankfully I have one in time. They are always such a pain putting up and I'm really glad that's it now done to my satisfaction. (Let's hope it doesn't fall down!).

Anyway this is my room at Christmastime. I say 'my' you know it's 'ours!' ha.ha.

The lights on the tree have around 8 different combinations So maybe on some of the pictures the tree seems very bright.

I have certain things which I always put on year after year. My Angels. The one at the top of the tree was given to me 48 years ago on the day my Brother Kevin was born. 30th November in fact. I remember now standing at the bottom of the stairs all excited. Here she is.

My 48 year old Fairy. I was given this on the day my brother Kevin was born. 48 years ago last 30th November. She sits at the top of my tree every year!.

The two paper Angels, holding the book. These hold very special memories for me. Walking around the market at Christmastime with my two beautiful babies in their pushchair. I just couldn't resist buying two one each for the girls.

I have two of these Angels. Bought when my Daughters were only babies. They are now nearly 24 years of age.

The two Christmas Angels, well you've seen these before. They are from a pattern from Candle House Crafts. They come in kit form everything is included material, sequins etc., They are around £11.00 each and they are so wonderful to make. Please check them out on the link. They do other things too which you can make and they really make lovely gifts. These were made some years ago, but these always have to take pride and place on my tree.
'Christmas Angel'.

This beautiful Snowflake was made and given to me by my dear friend BrendaS2 on Flickr. Isn't it gorgeous. She made me quite a few. I always hang these on my tree too. Along with a little blue Angel.
'Snowflake' a gift from my best friend BrendaS2.

Now I come to 'Golden Birdie' thread sent to me by Elizabeth Cat. Just couldn't wait to put him on the tree this year.

Better view of my 'Golden Birdie'.

Along with the beautiful 'Golden Butterflies'. I made three, one small, two larger ones. They look beautiful when the light catches them.

Beautiful Golden Butterfly twinkles in my tree.

Then the other Butterflies I made a couple of weeks ago, white and light brown. Their antennae were made from Gold Metallic Spiral Cord.

'Crocheted Butterfly'.

Then I load the tree with Gold bows, Gold baubles, Gold Crackers, a little Gold Chime from BrendaS2 and lots of other sentimental decorations from my neice and nephew.

I tend to use Gold and White these days to decorate my tree. I do like the Christmasy colours, Red, Green and White. But I have felt since the girls are grown up now, we have to have something a little more adult-like.

Then I like to decorate my Fireplace with my twinkling lights and Garland. I always have lots of twig lights in my Lounge, Kitchen and Conservatory. I feel that they always make a corner so special.

Garland and Lights over my Fireplace.

There you can see my latest Ripple on the sofa, just waiting to be used again.

Lights at Christmas.

I've also got icicle lights in the bay window.

I hope you've enjoyed looking at how I decorate my room.I do hope you'll post photos of your house I'd just love to pop over and look at them.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, will you be putting your Christmas tree and Decorations up?


  1. Oh my word, what a fabulous post. I loved seeing your special tree decorations and pretty room. It looks really lovely. Just what I needed after a stressful day in the classroom and feeling very 'bah humbug' because there is so much actual teaching to do before the Christmassy things can 'kick in'. YOu've made me feel all festive. Thanks! Have a great weekend. Ros

  2. So pretty and glittery. I hope you have a wonderful holiday. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  3. Love to see your sparkly Christmas rooms.I'm sure everyone will love it and that sparkly daughter of your will look lovely there for a few photos.

  4. Magical Sue! Made me feel all Christmassy, not putting ours up for at least another week and now I can't wait!! Love putting them up and always feel a tad sad taking them down. Hope Little Miss Twin has a fab time at the party love K x

  5. Very beautiful Sue!! Such sparkle and shine!! You have such a lovely home!
    Kisses!! Anne

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and inviting me to yours. What a beautiful place and it makes you feel all sparkly and pretty. Your butterflies are gorgeous, don't you just love that pattern? I couldn't believe how quickly they made up. Now that I know where you are I will be stopping by regularly to see what you are up to. Lovely decorations, girl.

  7. Sue your room is just lovely...we don't put are decorations up until the weekend before my daughters birthday (she will be 15 on the 15th:-) but you have certainly got me into the Christmas mood:-)

  8. Everything, Sue, is so bright, cheerful and absolutely gorgeous!!!

  9. Your tree and mantle are just sparkly and festive! Love it!

  10. Very pretty! I LOVE all of your crochet work!! Beautiful!!


  11. WOw. I go away for a few days and you go crazy. I love all the golden birdies and butterflies. You even finished anothe blanket. WOW...

    Still crazy here, but trying to catch up and breathe a litte. Hope to have a break next week before Phase 2 the Master Bath starts.

    I missed all of you so, while this has been going on and we were away.

  12. So fun to see your tree and room decorated...Happy Holiday to you! I am still working on mine and slowly make posts of fun vintage things...pop by. Sandra

  13. Wow, Sue, your tree and the decorations are lovely. When Miss Twin gets dressed up will need a sneak pic in the room

  14. Your Christmas Decorations look so beautiful your home looks wonderful ~Thanks for sharing Blessings Heather :D

  15. Your tree and decorations are so beautiful! Handmade ornaments make it so special. Enjoy your day! Twyla


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