Monday, 14 December 2009

Sue's Crocheting in 2009 - 'My Productive Year'.

Hi everyone!

Hope you've all had a good weekend. Finished your Christmas preparations? Won't be long now and Christmas will be with us. I've been running around trying to get everything sorted. Haven't had that much time for Crocheting and Blogland, like a lot of others! It's been pretty quiet on Flickr too.

I've been busy all weekend and yesterday my Daughter came over for Sunday lunch unexpectedly which was really, really lovely. I was hoping to sit down in the afternoon and do a bit of Crocheting but that didn't happen until the evening. I came on here just before bed to see if anyone had posted and then I sat thinking about what I had managed to crochet this year. I've had such a wonderful time on Flickr since May of this year and I've truly enjoyed my experience into Blogland since September. I've just been looking back on my photostream of the things that I have made. I wondered whether you'd like to take a look too.

Now for those who haven't had a go at the Mosaics they are so easy. Big Huge Labs are great for doing these. Kim, 'when are you going to have a go?' I'm waiting!!!

I hope you'll pop over to Kim's blog. She has some lovely Christmas goodies on there.

Looking back at my work 2009.

Sue's Crocheting 2009. - Please visit

What a great evening we enjoyed on the TV last night. So pleased Little Joe won on the X Factor. He's just so cute and sang beautifully. Then to top it all we had our Susan Boyle. Our American bloggers will have heard of her, she's done so......well. Her story really was quite moving last night. ITV did us really proud last night I thought, makes a change from the usual rubbish. I wonder what will be on next Saturday night though, probably nothing, back to normal!

Anyway, housework is calling 'again!'
Bye for a bit.

I'll leave you with my slideshow.


  1. Hi Sue, bless you for mentioning me! You have had such a productive year what a nice thing to do to look back it does make you realise what you have achieved, well done. I promise I will try a mosaic - eventually! I'm having enough trouble finding time to blog and read other blogs!!!!! let alone exporing new things - maybe in the depths of wintry January he!he! must dash - I will try and catch up with you on flickr mail have a good day Kim x

  2. Hi Sue! I was missing you here on blogger and on flickr, it's a good thing the reason was your daughter's visit. Christmas is almost here, I still haven't set up my crib - I have to do that this week without fail.

    It's really cold today, there is snow all over Spain! Perfect time to crochet one of your ripples and have a hot cup of tea. Have a nice week! Hugs.

  3. everything looks beautiful looks like you had a wonderful year of crocheting love your mosaics they look great I will have to try that out~ Merry Christmas ~Blessings Heather

  4. You've had such a productive year! It's a pleasure to see all your pretties together like this. You have inspired me and once Christmas is over I want to start a new ripple! Yes, Susan Boyle is an amazing talent. You must feel like I do when American Idol is over, 'what am I going to watch now?' Have a merry week! Twyla

  5. Hi Sue,
    We've been following Susan Boyle too. I love her voice and her story. I'm hoping to get her CD in my Chrissy presents.
    Love your mosiac and thanks for the website to help there in the future.

  6. Ohhh Myyy Sue, when you put it all together you have been very productive this year... wonderful achievement.
    I also love Susan Boyle... I think it very appropiate for achievement cause she sure followed her dream & dreams can come true... so Dream Big & you will achieve big things... Blessings... B

  7. Hi Sue

    You've had a great crocheting time this year; thanks for sharing it all with us! I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with in 2010!


  8. Hi Sue,
    It's me again!! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm here to confess that the photos of the whales are not mine but taken by a superior photographer. Lovely weren't they?

  9. Well, haven't you been the busy one over in Flickr and BHLs... I have been sooooo bad about those two. Haven't even been able to keep up with the blog much. Need to get over to Flickr, where it all started.

    Haven't heard this Susan Boyle song yet. She is great and so well loved even over here on this side of the pond. I don't want to leave yet.

    Great job on the BHLs. So much to see and take in. Wow. Now that you see all your project together... boy, have you been one busy lady this year.

    Cheers and Holiday Hugs,


  10. Sue you've been very very productive!
    My compliments!
    What wil 2010 bring us?

    ~X~ Karin

  11. Sue how very productive and how very clever of you to put it together so all of your accomplishments are viewable. You have really been a busy person this year, here's hoping 2010 holds great things for you also. Chat later, Molly

  12. Sue, I somehow missed the mint green and white basket cover, beautiful! I was at the yarn store yesterday, but couldn't decide on a color scheme. You have inspired me to begin another afghan! Thank you so very much for your beautiful Christmas card. It so reminds me of your gold and white theme tree and skirt. Such a kind thought. I am very touched by the gesture. Merry Christmas to you! Elizabeth

  13. You are toooooo funny. On call for curling, you are cracking me up (making me laugh)... YES, let's just hope she dress appropriately for an evening of clubbing. Maybe, you could try the old snow, cold and sick for the holidays trick. To be honest, it really doesn't work around here, they still wear flip-flops even in a blizzard.

    Time to run, I'm making those cookies that Pamela Sue had up on her blog yesterday. Sounded interesting, plue Scooter loves those butterscotch chips in anything. Her Taco Soup has been the hit of my neighborhood. I've given that one out already. I'll let you know.

    Have fun curling

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