Wednesday, 4 November 2009

'Birdies and Bows'.

Hi Everyone!
Middle of the week Wednesday.

I'm off to the hairdressers this morning so I'm typing this the night before so I can post in the morning before I go.I shall be in there nearly three hours having a perm.I do hate sitting around all that time but it's only every three months. It gives me a break from the computer and.......? You all know what this is?

Talking of ? I've been making a 'Birdie Garland'. It was easy to do just those adorable Birdies a bit of stuffing,a few buttons and some yarn. What could be so simple? Oh! I forgot just a bit of ribbon I had spare. The ropey bit was just three colours of wool chained and threaded through the hole in the middle of the body. I thought the ribbon finished it off.

Five Birds flying high!

I've been carrying it around trying to get the best shot. The light has been pretty tricky even with the flash on.

Birdies Garland outside in the Garden.

Out into the Garden too.

Birdies flying free in the Garden.

Karin, has offered a home for the Birdies if they want to fly over to the Netherlands, she has the most beautiful Birdie House in her Garden. Thank you Karin! Let's see how long they want to stop in the UK for! They might want a change of scenery you never know.

These Birdies are still ever so popular and are still flying all around the world. Perhaps they will meet up one day!


  1. I love your birdie garland...all of your creations are beautiful

  2. You truly have gone bird crazy here. Now you even have a video within the slide show. I just can't keep up with your. Love you new garland. Did three rounds last night, hope to get finish today. But, first it's off to do laundry. I have to head out and find a laundry mat, haven't done that in years.......

    Great Garland. It must really be a U.K. things as I see a lot of them on other blogs. I did think I saw one in the last Martha Stewart mag, so I'm sure we will be seeing more over here.


  3. Hi Sue Hope the hair appointment went well and was relaxing! Looooovvvvee the birdies they are in "your" colours and are beautiful. You will never have an empty nest with that lovely lot! Take care Kim x PS pop over and see my little christmas decs I have made TTFN

  4. Can't wait to see them flying around in my garden ;)

  5. Sue! Catching up, and what a treat for me! Your birds in your bird cage are absolutely charming! I MUST make birds this spring. Your crocheted work always brings such a smile to my day! Thank you so much for sharing! Elizabeth


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