Friday, 13 November 2009

'Show and Tell' Friday - Bird Cage

Hi Everyone!

First of all may I welcome my new Followers! I'm pleased to meet you all.

'Show and Tell' Friday is here once again. Cindy is hosting from 'My Romantic Home', I must thank her and I hope everyone pops over there.

When I first joined Flickr I was amazed at the talent of women all over the world. One of my friends on Flickr said, 'Flickr is better than opening up any magazine, there is always so much to see!'. Don't you just agree?

I was greatly inspired by Elizabeth of Creative Breathing. Her Craft room was such a pleasure to see. She loves working in felt and I have to say she is pretty good!. Among her other talents she crochets and loves working with paper. I hope you'll pop over to her blog. On reading her posts every day I came across her beautiful Bird Cage. She was in fact decorating the Bird Cage with felt red roses. It surely was a pleasure to see and from this she inspired me to have a go at decorating one myself.

A Sunny afternoon 'Cupcakes', 'Birds' and 'Flowers.'

After searching high and low for a Bird Cage of my own I visited a Garden Centre one Tuesday with my Mother. I came across this Vintage one, and decided to crochet some carnations and roses for the top. I made them into a corsage and threaded them through the wire.

I was dead chuffed because Elizabeth 'The greatest of all bloggers' I always thought mentioned me soon after in her blog. I can't tell you how 'over the moon I was!'. It was like hitting the jackpot! :)

Soon after Lucy of Attic 24 made some little Birdies. I thought I would have a go myself.

My Birdies.

I decided to make two for my Bird Cage. This now takes pride and place in my Conservatory. I'm so thankful to Elizabeth for giving me inspiration. I do hope you'll visit her. Also to Lucy for giving me and lots of others from all over the world the inspiration to make their own little Birdies!

Decorative Bird Cage.

Two Birdies find a new home.

So my 'Show and Tell' was another Crafty one, I do hope you've enjoyed it though. Apologies to my blogland friends who have seen the Bird Cage many, many times before!

Have a good weekend to all my friends whether new today or my 'regulars'. Thanks for supporting me again this week. I know I've been pretty quiet but I've had a load of work to do in the house and family have been demanding!

Enjoy your day and thanks again!!

Good Weekend everyone!
Hugs Suex

Please make a cup of tea and watch my slideshow! Caged Bird by Alicia Keys.


  1. There you are... Very nice post today. Great pictures. You are getting much better, not that you were bad before. But it sure looks nice today, maybe you had some sun. Love you last slide show.

    Will stop back by tomorrow. Off to watch TV with Scott. Pretty tired tonight. But will look more at this post in the morning.

    Love the butterflies in the slide show. and well alicia Keyes is the best and one of my favorites.

    Have a great weekend if I get pulled away tomorrow. I know next week will be crazy while the windows and doors are going in. I will be foresure on the laptop at least Mon/Tues...icks and yucks....

    Nite-night,,,, sleep well


  2. That bird cage is so filled with charm and gorgeous colors!! [I've been looking for one for myself around town, and you've once again inspired me to go searching today!]

    My Thanksgiving decorations are posted today for show n tell Click Here

  3. Another lovely post Sue - you really are the mistress of blogging! Love the slide show as well. Its an absolute deluge here today so I think when I have finished my jobs I will put my feet up with a cuppa - cheers to you and have a lovely weekend xx

  4. Cute! I'm amazed how you see these things you like and you just pop them out. I have to have a pattern and then I'm lucky if I can read it.

    Have a fantastic weekend curled up by your fire!

  5. Love the cupcakes...your work is beautiful!

  6. That is so sweet I would love one of those bird cages I will have to start hunting around for one. And I love your flowers oh how I wish I could crochet a flower I need someone to show me I am terrible with reading instructions Enjoyed your post~Thanks for sharing Blessings Heather ;D

  7. Your birdies seem to feel very happy at your birdcage!
    Have a nice weekend!

    ~X~ Karin

  8. Hi Sue, THanks for visiting the other day. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to visit. It's been a busy few days and hubby's sick. I love the crocheted flowers. I have a lady in the neighborhood that's going to show me how to crochet some. I can't wait. She puts them on crocheted hats and they're so cute. I guess I need to learn to crochet a hat too. Have a beautiful day.


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