Monday, 10 May 2010

Squares from three countries!

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all had a good weekend. 

Today I have had three lots of Squares arrive at my home and a wacky surprise! Bethel Of Bethania Australia very kindly sent me some ..........'sunglasses!'  What a laugh I had this morning when I opened her parcel. I wondered whether to show you a picture of me wearing them. Why not, let's have a laugh I thought!
So here I am!

Well what a laugh I had this morning! Bethel sent me some Sunglasses to wear while making the 'sun' themed Blankets!

I can't believe I'm showing you all! ha.ha. what a laugh. Thanks Bethel! Now no excuse not to wear them when I'm making the 'sun' themed Blankets!

Very pleased to show you Isoldes' Squares. She lives in the Netherlands and has very kindly written on 'SIBOL' as a team blogger.  She gives details about the beautiful Squares she has made for SIBOL and I'm sure you'll agree they are lovely.

Beautiful Squares from the Netherlands. isolde2006 Thank you!

I also had Ruth send me some Squares from the UK. These are gorgeous colours and I just love them. Ruth hasn't been crocheting very long and I'm so pleased she has taken part in our SIBOL project. It's such fun when we have new friends take part.

Squares from ruth*marie (UK) Each Square so lovely.

Bethel  sent out some Squares from Australia only last week and I'm very pleased to say they arrived today they only took about a week, brilliant. They are so lovely and ideal for the 'blue and white' Challenge and also the 'Flower' Challenge. Some too for the 'sun' theme I have my eye on.  So thank you Bethel. What fun I had with your sunglasses today! :)

What a great selection from Bethel ! Gorgeous colours, gorgeous patterns. Many thanks Bethel.

I can't thank you enough for the gorgeous Squares. They will all be great for the 'Sunshine Blankets'.

Would you like to see the Squares in the Slide Show? Here we go........

Thanks for visiting me today everyone and I hope you had a laugh too!


  1. There you and your glasses are again. I'm still laughing from hours ago. Runnning, Scott's looking for dinner and so over this whole blog thing I'm doing...icks...

    Quick note- This one load up so much faster than SIBOL, just so you know. I'm not sure if it's the slide shows or what.

  2. How perfect and what a way to start the day - laughing and giggling.
    The squares are fantatic. But I think you topped them today.
    What fun Bethel is

  3. Oh ! Wow ...those glasses are beautiful...the squares too , i like everything .Thanks for visiting and have a good week.


  4. Ha ha, you are looking very glamorous, Sue! Very Dame Edna! LOL So glad you showed us. :-)

    The squares are great. Good luck with your projects.

    Caz from Never Knew

  5. What wonderful glasses, Sue! All the squares are gorgeous, aren't they? I've just finished another one for you but will wait until I've done a few more before I send them all in together. For someone who hasn't been crocheting long, Ruth's squares are lovely - they look as if she has been crocheting for years!


  6. Hahaaahaaaaaaaaa Sue, you look great with these sunglasses on.

    The squares are wonderful!

    ~X~ Karin

  7. Nice squares and wonderful sunglasses!
    What would your neighbours say if you wore them in public ;-).

  8. Wow beautiful squares and you look just like a Movie Star in those glasses hehehe~Glad to see that everyone is still crocheting all those lovely squares to make those wonderful blankets Great Work! ~Blessings Heather

  9. Sue! How did you get with these beautiful glasses that won the Bethel! ahahaha You were very charming and sexy! : 0))). I loved the squares that you gained from your friends, they are beautiful! hugs, Erika

  10. Beautiful pictures and beautiful colors!
    A big kiss

  11. Need a laugh so I came over to have another look at you in your glasses. It worked. Coming down with some bug today. I knew it the minute I put on all black this morning.
    No mystery yarn either, maybe tomorrow.

    Off to doctor up some Campbells' Soup for Scott's dinner.



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