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Facts about 'SIBOL' and a Ta - Dah! SIBOL No. 10.

Hi Everyone,

I want to introduce 'SIBOL No.10' to you all, but first I just thought I would tell you a little about 'SIBOL'. 

2009 was a very special year for me. In April/May time I joined Flickr and in September I made my first blog. Kate,  The Garden Bell had just started hers and if I remember correctly she was saying to me 'Why not start one?' What would I ever write about?  Well my 'Mindless Ramblings' soon took over and so did my Crocheting.  Project after Project, Ripple after Ripple......the crocheting went on and on....... Christmas was a lovely time making those gorgeous gold Butterflies and Birdies.  But I soon came to realise that there is only so much you can crochet for either yourself, your family or your home.  'Mrs Twins' was so much fun.

I had been thinking about making Blankets for the Elderly in Memory of my Grandmother and as it was before Christmas I thought I would leave it until the New Year. This I did.  At the start of January I asked my friends in Blogland and on Flickr if they wanted to help me by donating 6" Squares.  Well I was surprised that my friends thought it was a good idea and soon after the Squares started coming in. Soon after I set up 'SIBOL' my 'spin-off blog'.  Even the name was a joint effort!

Molly was the first person to send me some Squares then
I sent myself Squares..... then
Kim, Kimbles at Home
Amy Woo
Jak Wintertells
Pilar Pertinitaco
Kathy -Yarns from a barn in France
Kate, The Garden Bell
Linda - Chalkys World
Aussie Maria
Elizabeth Cat
Louise - Handmade in Gibraltar
Maytaurus (MSE)
Ed 4448
Bunny Mummy
Tricia Marino
Helen - Lady Helsie
Debi - Hooks and Yarn
Mrs Moneypenney (MSE)
Patty Gloria
Sandy - teacuplane Sandy
Ellen - wiLDaBoUtCoLoR
Vers Cythere
Posy Linda
Azbelle Sandy
Anne (MSE)
Val - Crochet3love
Lili 4g
Kinsey (MSE)

Please forgive me if I have left anyone out!

All these friends in 12 countries  Canada, Puerto Rico, USA, UK, Netherlands, Austria, Spain, France, Australia, Latvia, Gibraltar, Singapore
Have sent me Squares across the miles to help me make Blankets for the Elderly.

I have now made with your help 10 'SIBOL' Blankets. 10 x 25 Squares in each = 250.
I have just counted the Squares up as promised weeks ago. To my amazement I have 354!
So in total I have now received 'since January' 604 Squares!
Thank you all so much.
So I have enough for plenty more Blankets.

Now you might think that sounds frightening, 'what a lot of work', but it doesn't take me all that long and to be honest there isn't anything else I would rather be doing so I'm going to plod along at my own pace enjoying the ride so to speak.

I have to thank my friends in the USA, you are in the lead sending Squares in, then followed by UK. But I shall have to get the figures for that one for you. It's late for me to count them up individually.

Please do keep sending your Squares, I enjoy making the Blankets and we are having a wicked time on SIBOL. If anyone wants to 'team blog' with us you are most welcome!

So here now is 'SIBOL' No. 10, and my thanks to you all!

Ta-Dah! 'SIBOL 10!' Thanks to all who contributed Squares! xx


  1. Number 10 !!! I can't believe it. I bet you never dreamed that this idea would blossom like this. Well done Sue

  2. Pilar (pertinitaco)13 May 2010 at 09:40

    Lovely post Sue! A bit of history about how all this started. And nº 10 is just beautiful with all those little flowers, Name yet?

  3. Thanks for telling about how your work originated. It must be very satisfying for you and lovely to have contacts in so many places. I did some stitching a year or two ago for charity called "Operation Elderly Charity Stitchers", which made lap quilts, both in cross-stich/patchwork and knitted/crocheted. Sadly that charity closed down but it's nice to know that when one door closes, another opens, as they say! Well done for all your good work.


  4. Sue, it's am amazing story so far; you've only been going a short while but just look at what you have achieved. The squares are unbelievable as is the generosity of all those from around the world who send them to you. It just goes to show that most people are really really nice!

    Onwards and upwards!


  5. Good Morning my friend ...we just doing what I feel we are sopouse to doin this world ,don't matter id it is in USA , Uk , Ect.ect.I'm feeling proud of what i'm doing because I know and I understand this just a little for those who already put a lot in this worl or in their society .This an effort with love . Also you are doing a magnificient job , so we all together fron distance but united with love for those who are in need now . God Bless You and all who are doing this terrific job.I thank you much for letting me enjoy your team.



    Note: going back to work ,need to meet my flights.

  6. This new blanket is so prettily put together, I just love it. You have worked so hard Sue.

    Jak x

  7. Hello Sue

    I have just found your blog and am loving it! I accidently stumbled across a craft blog a few months ago which has resulted in me following about a dozen of them now and learning to crochet! I love it! My progress is slow but i am enjoying it and i just love the choice of colours available!
    I just wanted to thank you for the inspiration i am getting from your blog. I love the blankets you are making. Such a lovely thoughtful idea. Well done!
    Thanks again.

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  9. Hip Hip Hurray for number 10!
    Sue, you're doing a marvelous job.
    Love to read the story.
    It's great to participate in this project.
    ~X~ Karin

  10. A magic 10 Sue!! Lovely history and so glad you are really enjoying the challenge still - good for you!! I am just about to post with a few squares I have been making for you - will send them soon Love Kim x

  11. Thanks Ladies for your comments!
    Much appreciated.

    Mandy if you pop back. Your comments are very much appreciated. You're very kind. I hope you pop over to SIBOL too! Can't contact you.

  12. Dear Sue,

    I'm so glad to be able to help you a little bit in this amazing project.I'm so happy to see how successful your bright idea has become.
    Each one of the blankets are unique,special, and made with love.

    Gloria xxx

  13. Talk about international input into your blankets!!! woow that is the best thing...
    Now to get the leaders of the world to learn to crochet & maybe we can have World Peace as well... Crochet is so meditative & stress-relieving... maybe that's what the leaders of the world need...


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