Friday, 28 May 2010

Busy Thursday! Squares from Canada, Puerto Rico and UK! Thank you!

Hello Everyone!

I came back from shopping this morning to find three packages tied up in an elastic band. Mr. Postie had been very busy. I just couldn't wait to get inside the house and have a look to see where they had come from!

I was very pleased to see that Canadian Squares had finally arrived after 6 weeks. So happy to know they arrived okay and I'm sure Delphine was. I emailed her straight away. Her Squares are delightful I just love them.

The Sun was shining.....This is a lovey blue, 'ice blue' I call it... I just love the colour combination using the Burgundy.

I had a great selection of Squares too from Wanda in Puerto Rico. Wanda has very kindly sent me Squares before. It's nice to know she takes an active part in SIBOL and I am most grateful.

I'm such a lucky girl today, three lots of Squares Puerto Rico, Canada, UK.......>

Crochet3love in the UK enjoys making Squares for SIBOL and she's made some lovely ones today for the Flower Theme Challenge and also the Picture Square Challenge. (For a Children's Blanket). I have to say as you all know I am mainly concerned in making Blankets for the Elderly, but we thought between us that it might be interesting to see what Squares came in which would be suitable for a Children's Blanket. When I have made the Blanket up it would be donated to a Children's Home/Charity/Hospital. It might be great fun so we thought we'd have a go. Here's one of the Picture Squares that Crochet3love sent in today. Thanks so much.

Baa. Baa.....

Thanks to Crochet3love, Wanda and Delphine I appreciate your help very much indeed. I also want to thank everyone that is visiting 'Mrs Twins' and 'SIBOL' for their continued support.

I have put the three lots of Squares into a Slide Show I do hope you enjoy them.


  1. Ok. I'm figuring you are up late. Get to bed girlfriend. I will try again on the flowers, it just wasn't working for me this week. Sweet posting form Aussie Maria yesterday. Me and my sillie sweater.

    Off to give Scooter some attention. He has been feeling left out lately.


  2. More lovely squares! So many clever ladies out there! Have a good weekend,Sue!. x

  3. Beautiful squares!!!
    And I thought squares from "down-under" took the longest road to you ☺

  4. What a lot of unusually decorative squares! Well done everyone who made them and well done Sue for all your work taking photos and organising everything.

    Janet x

  5. Very pretty, unusual squares lovely! You should interview the postie, I wonder if he wonders what you are up to hehe! x


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