Wednesday, 19 May 2010

'Blue and White' Squares from two Countries!

Hi Everyone!

In June we have our 'Blue and White' Challenge over on SIBOL. Now if you like making Squares and have some blue and white yarn sitting around doing nothing, why not make a couple of Squares for our Sunshine Blankets.

Monday I  had some lovely Squares come in from Denise21 from France. She has very kindly sent me some Squares for the Challenge mentioned above. I'm late putting them on 'Mrs Twins' because the Slide Show site was taking a mission to load up.  I've tried this morning and it's gone through straight away! Thank fully!  Take a look at the Squares in the Slide Show because they are just lovely. Different designs, different shades of blue. All so pretty.

Thanks Denise (France) such beautiful Blue and White Squares for our Challenge to come!

You've worked terribly hard Denise for SIBOL, I really do appreciate your help, Thank you so much.

Now since putting Denises' Squares on in the Slide Show this morning I've had some more 'Blue and White' Squares come in from Jenfur43

Every Square has to meet my Birdcage! Thanks Jenfur43 great Squares!

 Her Blog - please visit.

 So I have now combined the two lots of Squares.  They both have something in common.  They are both 'Blue and White' so I hope you enjoy both sets!

The colours are just amazing on both sets of Squares.  I can see a fantastic Blanket comin' on.....Thank you Jen, Thank you Denise!

Enjoy a 'double Slide Show' today!


  1. All the blues look great together - the squares put me in mind of Delft tiles, somehow.


  2. Oh I do like all the blues! :)

  3. Thsnks Sue.I'm so glad they got there so quickly, especially as I sent them second class.

    Jenny x

  4. They look fantastic, I must get on the case and make some blue ones soon. xx

  5. Sue - lovely squares yet again from some very generous and talented girlies!

    I treated myself to a couple of new books, 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton, and 100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet by Lesley Stanfield, both beautiful books and full of inspiration so I shall choose a few designs and get some more squares to you soon!

    By the way, I love Puppet Lady's idea that the blue and white squares made her think of Delft tiles - I think it would be a lovely name for the blue and white blanket! Delft is the perfect description.

    Have a great day!



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