Saturday, 1 May 2010

Hello Mr Sun! Squares from America

Hi Everyone,

Weekend is here again! It's so nice at the moment I don't know how long for! I'm wishing you all a Happy Weekend. Doing anything nice?

The Squares I am going to post are a day late due to the Slide Show not working again!  But I hope that doesn't stop you from enjoying them. The Squares are from America and I would like to thank 'Angel'. So wonderful for our 'sun' theme which has now finished. Each and everyone of the Squares are just lovely.

I think I have finally got my Squares sorted now for the 'sun' themed Blankets. It took a lot of work over the last two nights sorting them out on the Lounge floor! Well wouldn't it be with  enough for 5 Blankets! I know the task was a bit daunting to say the least, but the planning is done, the Crocheting starts. Let's hope I can do a bit over the break.  I want to get cracking now, I've had a little break to catch up with 'SIBOL' admin work, OOh, I am sounding important!

'Inside Crochet'  have said my article is okay, so June 9th is the day for it to be published. If you would like to digitally download 'Inside Crochet' you can by going to  You can pick up the last 8 issues it is a fairly new Crocheting Magazine here in the UK. I have to say I haven't had them all but the ones I have had are really good.

Of course I am still having 'The Art of Crochet'.  OOh, here I was giving them a plug at the start of January. Little did I know that this 'Hatchette Partworks' turned out to be a right shower.  Sending my issues to the house a couple of roads away and me having to go and collect them! Then waiting for ages for the next ones to come, phoning up complaining, waiting again.  Then I have more issues come the same as what I had already had.  So then I decide to cancel my subscription, then what happens? I receive the ones that I should have been receiving. I'm still waiting for refunds.  So a friend who reads my blog said she gets hers from W.H.Smith, and I have to say they are brilliant.  I am getting every issue now and even back issues. So I'm on no. 18 and there really is some lovely stuff in there.

But........The trouble is now I am so busy with the 'Love of my Life' - which is 'SIBOL'  I haven't got that much time to read them now.  But I will I am going to sit down tonight, take a break and have  a read.

OOh I do love my 'SIBOL'.  I hope it loves me....

Anyway, great news....I'm off now to get my ring from the Jewellery Quarter, so I can't wait.  We decided not to go through insurance as it was such a game. They wanted us to send it off in the post to get a valuation from one of their preferred  companies! Well sorry this wasn't going to happen. What would happen if my Engagement ring got lost in the post? Not the money involved of course it would have been the sentimental value to me.....  No I wanted it repaired at the Jewellers who designed my ring and this is what we have done.  So I'm hopefully next post to post a photo.  It's not a big diamond only a tiny weeny one, but that's not the point it is my ring and I've had it for such a long time 1981, so it's part of me.

Anyway, I'll leave you with 'Angels' Slide Show and thank you once again for the most beautiful Squares.
Thank you all too for following me.  I can't comment still on some blogs because of computer 'firewall' problems but I do hope to get them sorted pretty quickly.

Good weekend to all........



  1. Good Morning !! I love them.The one with the sliling face is cute too.Colors beautiful.Every week you can see so many differets square and beautiful squares.Congratulations.They all so lovely.Have a great weekend.



  2. Hi there. I'm also still having "problems" with getting The Art of Crochet mag. I subscribed back in January & have still only received the first 5 issues! I suppose it gives me more time to practise but it's a bit ridulous.

    You're doing so well with all of your blankets! Well done.


  3. Hi Sue!

    The blankets will look fantastic with these squares.
    Have a lovely weekend!

    ~X~ Karin

  4. That's a lot of squares my friend. What a slide show. It probably took longer to make that than to hook them altogether. Stunningly, fun. Remember, I'm here if you need any help.

    Out the door early to the Park District Plant Sale,

  5. Sue, Scrolling through past posts is like being in a penny candy shop and trying to choose your favorite. What talented women you've tapped into, each square is more amazing than the next! Hoping you have a lovely week ahead. PS Your crocheting pig at the bottom of the sidebar is so you! Too cute! Elizabeth

  6. Love these squares! I keep coming for a little 'fix' of them! Hope you were pleased with your ring when you got it back! Have a good week.Ros

  7. Hi Sue
    Can't wait to see your article in print,I'm so pleased for you. Make sure you have a little rest now and then or you'll be all crocheted out !!!
    love Louise xx


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