Sunday, 23 May 2010

Introducing SIBOL No. 11

Hello Everyone!

I've had such a lot of beautiful Squares in during the last week. Thank you so....much!  Everyone has enjoyed them such a lot over on Flickr.  I received Flower Squares and I had great fun lying them on my grass outside in the Garden along with the Daisies.  I do hope you'll visit previous posts I wouldn't want you to miss anything. That goes for SIBOL too!

Anyway, I'm very pleased to say that I have now finished 'SIBOL No. 11'.  This is one of the 'sun' theme Blankets.  It's now actually no. 3 of the 'sun theme' ones. I have more to do for this theme.  If you don't see any of your 'sun' Squares, please do not despair, I will be using everyone.  You'll just have to hang on there if you would!

I do hope you'll pop over to Flickr and 'add note' to the Blanket if you haven't already.  Flickr has the facility where you can 'add note' to your photo.  So I'm using this facility for my Blankets when I have made one.  Everyone 'adds note' to their Square and then everyone can see who's made that certain Square.  As I have said before Flickr is such fun!!

It's time.....
'Introducing SIBOL No. 11, and thank you so much to everyone who has contributed Squares for this theme.

SIBOL No. 11 ' Please 'add note' if you see your Square!

I have now made 11 Sunshine Blankets of Love for the Elderly. These 3 are made from Squares sent in for our 'Sun Challenge'. If you don't see your Square it will be coming up very soon in the next 'Sun Blankets' there are still more to come ! :)

Thank you to everyone who has contributed Squares for this theme and please look out for the next 'sun' theme Blanket if you  haven't seen your Square.  There are a few more 'sun' theme Blankets coming up. I know yes a  lot of Squares for this theme!

Bye for now,


  1. Oh Sue, that's beautiful! I love the little ripply edging. It finishes it off beautifully.Ros

  2. Another absolutely gorgeous blanket. I think there are going to be some very happy people around when they receive them
    Well done and lot of love Linda

  3. Well done, a thing of beauty and bound to bring sunshine to anyones life.

  4. Another gorgeous blanket! Well done, Sue! :)

  5. Another gorgeous blanket. This will certainly spread around some sunshiney happiness.
    Jak x

  6. Yessssssssss, beautiful an elegant.Very , very cute ,congratulations.You ae doing a terrific job.God Bless You !


  7. It looks beautiful Sue, I alreday added my note. Thankyou for your kind comments on flickr...I haven't admitted to hubby that he inadvertantly added to our fun!

  8. Another stunner Sue, have already added my note to square - they all look lovely and sunny dislayed together! have a lovely sunny day Kim x

  9. Thank you all very much for the comments! Hugs Suex

  10. Another champion. But, are trying to make that orange, oranger some how. This theme rocks.

    Wait, did I just notice you went out side and saw some flowers. Off to check out your last posting. yipeeeeeeee



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