Tuesday, 25 May 2010

My old Favourites

Hello Everyone!

I joined Flickr last year and was inspired to make a Birdcage by Creative Breathing.  Elizabeth had a white one with beautiful felt flowers on the top.  Of course when I saw it I just had to make one. But I decided to crochet my Flowers.  It took me quite a while to find a suitable Birdcage but I did find one eventually from the Garden Centre.  I just loved making the Flowers and then wiring them on to the top.

I had some beaded Birdies inside, but when I saw Lucy's birdies I thought I would have a go at crocheting some.  So the Birdies are inspired from Attic 24.  I have one stuck on the perch with a white sticky fixer and the other one hangs from the inside of the roof on a crocheted chain.  I had some odd little Flowers in the bottom of my wool box and I put these on to the bottom of the cage. I just love my Birdcage, it looks so pretty in my Conservatory.

When my Daughters were born 24 years ago, my Family bought the girls a White Stork, it had a great Flower Display. But of course Flowers don't last, and the wire over the years went all rusty.  So I bought some orange felt and some fluffy for the neck.  The body was Crocheted based on the Carnation pattern I use and then I made some little Flowers and Leaves which I wired in.

I know these are some of last years work, but they give me so......much pleasure.  Every day I walk into my Conservatory and they give me such a lot of joy. I would like to thank Daniela.H and Salma on Flickr for saying such lovely words and I thought I would just write you a little post talking about my 'favourites'.

Enjoy because i do.......

Just taking some photos with Birdcage and Carnations I made last year. I know you've seen them all before! Sorry...

Birdcage inspired by Creative Breathing / Birdies - Lucy.

It was a nice day thought a photo comin.....on!

I hope you don't mind me showing these again, have a lovely evening!


  1. Oh it's so lovely in your conservatory - it looks so serene and peaceful - a perfect place to crochet!!!


  2. I'm actually thrilled to see your rooms and life again. I thought you will hooked to your blankets full time. Glad to see a peek around. Happy to hear your Zinnas are just popping, so are mine. But, today it's 94 out with 90% humidity. So, they should start to really go now.

    Can you believe it's almost been a year. WOW. What did we do before this? I don't even want to guess. Too much fun here in blogland with the Blogettes.

  3. It is great that something you have made yourself gives you so much pleasure and brings back find memories too. So often we are not happy with what we have made.
    Your conservatory looks lovely and I bet you spend lots of time there.

  4. I love your birdies and flowers on your bird cage, and I love mine too! They always make me smile.

    Come by and check out my Giveaway and get your name in the hat. You'll have to go a couple of days back to see it.

  5. Georgeous pictures ,nice place to do your own crochet work,I guess we all have a small place to do our projects ,I have one next to the window in my dinning/kitchen.Take care and have a nice week.


  6. Wow lovely place to work AND play I adore the pink ripple blankie, It looks so soft and cosy. I love the flowers too.

  7. It's great to see them again!

  8. Oh I just love your conservatory! So pretty and light. How lovely to have a place to sit and relax that has so many precious things in. I love all your projects! :)

  9. Its lovely to see your favourites again Sue, your conservatory is just so lovely and light and great place to sit come summer or winter! Have a great day **Kim**X

  10. Thank you Mandy! It is a pretty room, full of my crocheting!
    Hugs Suex

  11. Olá, é tudo tão lindo que não há problema em rever, fez muito bem em voltar a mostrar. Bjos doces

  12. Oh Sue! I love this nostalgic post. I met you just as you were making your roses and stork. You have been so busy with your afghans, you haven't worked on a personal project in awhile. I love the photograph of your squares in the yard. Are the little daisies actually growing on the ground? It's so magical! I've a lot to catch up with here at inspiration station; so I am off to scroll backwards through your days. I hope you are having a lovely spring! Elizabeth

  13. Your conservatory is such a nice and cosy place! You did a great work recycling that stork. It looks as good as new.

  14. It's always lovely to see favourite things, it looks very pretty and serene in your conservatory.

  15. What beautiful work - I especially love your roses, did you follow a pattern for them or did you make them without one?

    I've just popped over from the fortheloveofcrochetalong blog (http://fortheloveofcrochetalong.blogspot.com/) and I'm going to have a go at making some squares for your blankets now :-)


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