Friday, 14 May 2010

Flower Squares arrived from Austria. (Friday) Saturday's Squares (UK)

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are having a good day! I can't believe the Weekend is arriving all ready! Let's hope it's going to be warmer the next few days.

First of all Mandy if you are reading, I haven't an email address, and I'd like to say hello can you contact me on if you have a minute please, thanks.

If you didn't read yesterday's post about the 'HISTORY OF SIBOL' please go back one post. There is a list of all the Ladies that have helped me. Telling you how SIBOL got started, you may be interested.

I would really like to thank Elke in Austria today.  I'm sorry I have kept you waiting for your photos to be put on here. But they  are here now. I've had trouble loading my iphone pictures on to Windows 7. I still haven't done it successfully, I am on the old lap top.  Would you believe I have two here on the Kitchen table now! This one is so slow, ....... Mr. Twin has got to suss it out tomorrow, it's just not recognising the phone.

Anyway, Elkes' Squares are simply beautiful.  She has used the Granny Square pattern and has a little Flower in the Centre, aren't they just lovely? So neat and a simple pattern, but just so effective. Your Squares are in the Slide Show now Elke, and once again I'm sorry to keep you waiting.

Elke from Austria is very kindly joining our 'Flower Square' Challenge! It ends 31st May. Her beautiful Squares arrived this morning. Thanks so much Elke!

If anyone else wants to join the Challenge.  The 'Flower Square' Challenge ends 31st May, everyone is welcome to join in the fun.  I just can't wait to make a 'Flower Square' Blanket for the Elderly. The Challenges have deadlines, but other Squares there's no deadline.  As long as I have Squares coming in I will be making Blankets.

Thank you to all that help me I really appreciate it.


Just to let you know I had some really nice Squares come in this morning too! Lucky me on a Saturday!
Sally 'Chunky Hooker' sent these Granny Squares in. Each one is lovely, but look at what she's done with three of them! She's got three little Flowers on each Square. Have you seen anything like this before? Because I surely haven't. Thanks ever so much Sally for sending them for the 'Flower Square' Challenge.

Granny Squares with three tiny Little Flowers, aren't they cute? !  Thanks so much Sally for joining us.

Elke and Sally thanks very much. Here's the Slide Show with your Squares.


  1. Lovely squares! Have sent you an email. :)

  2. Beautiful squares! These little flowers remind me of orange slices. As you said, a simple but effective pattern.

  3. I agree, the simplicity of the squares adds to their prettiness. Thanks Sue for your lovely comments, I'm feeling much more relaxed now. Hope you have a great weekend, the weather is glorious down here in Kent.
    Jak x

  4. Dear Mrs.Twins,
    Its lovely to hear from you .I often visit you here ,but som how the site goes off in few seconds somtimes.
    I am ready with my flower squares ,and already on the way to blue and white ,and white and black one now.
    As I want to send all of them together,[saving on shipping cost].you can mention them if you want ,when ever as they all will be arriving soon .I am going to past after a week.hopefully they reach on time.
    I want to be the part of group blog too ,if i fit in .
    have a good weekend.
    Hugs to you.

  5. What a super idea. I am in! Lovely blog by the way well done you.

  6. Hello there Sue! Hope you've had a good weekend. Thanks for dropping in on me again. It's always good to see you.Your lovely blankets have inspired me to have a go too. I haven't done nearly as much crocheting as I have knitting, so still consider myself a relative beginner. Once I get going, I will send you some squares. They may be quite simple, but they will be colourful. I just LOVE all the flower variations. They are great. Keep up the good work. Ros


  8. Very Nice Squares Love the Yellow flowers those are different looking It is nice how the flowers look like they are just sitting on top ~Blessings Heather ;D

  9. Gorgeous squares!! What an awesome idea!

  10. What beautiful squares! I love the colours everyone is using and you do such a good job putting them all together!



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