Friday, 21 May 2010

Friday Fun in the Garden with Spanish Flowers and Bumble Bees! UPDATED SATURDAY. 'More Flower Squares!'.

Well what a Friday!

It all started at around 8.15 am this morning.  Mr. Postie actually knocked the door today! Not the usual Postie who walks the round,  a special one.  The one that has the red van! The one that carries the parcels on his van.  I had to sign for a box.

Mr. Twin and Little Miss Twins, both of them I add,  were interested to see where the box had come from. 'Spain' I said.  OOh! It's Pilar (Pertinitaco). We read the outside of the box and had a giggle.

'The Journey of the Squares' and how they travelled across the sea in a plane, through those dreadful 'ash clouds', landed safely in the UK  and then went in a dark truck and travelled to my home here in the UK. 

The Squares were from Pilar, (Flickr Pertinitaco) and wow! What lovely Squares!!  The Little Squares were very tired after their long......journey so I took them outside to play in the Sunshine. Look what I saw on the Squares!! Little Bumble Bees I thought I heard a buzzing sound...........

Now would you believe that? Bumble Bees had landed on Pertinitacos' Squares!!! Buzz! Buzz! Aren't they just so cute!

Beautiful Flowers, Thank you Pertinitaco!

They played a little outside in the Garden and rested and now I'm pleased to say they feel better after their long journey which took 6 days all the way from Spain.

Thank you so much Pilar, (Flickr Pertinitaco) such lovely Squares. You are very kind making these for the SIBOL project.

Bethel of Bethania often makes us rhymes on Flickr the other day she said........

Welcome to our Squares Family, little squares...don't be afraid... after your rough trip in the big truck...A really nice lady lives here...she has a fettish for squares...She will love you,She will straighten you out again...She will touch you, feel you, smell you,Then she will work her magic with you each & everyone of you...The nice lady... will find a very special place for you...With her magic fingers... you will find a permanent home in one of her beautiful blankets...Look at the comfort you feel in those blankets all there to Welcome you...Then everyone will say... you all look FANtasMaGoRIcal together...You will be so HAPPY... the nice lady will be so Happy too...So don't be afraid... The nice lady is a very special person... and loves you.

Well Pilar, I'm terribly sorry this Slide Show has taken so long I've been so busy today getting ready for the weekend.  I've been desperate to get the photos on Flickr for you and the Slide Shows made.  I do hope you will sit back now and enjoy your Slide Show!

Please pop over to SIBOL - my 'spin-off' blog if you haven't been already.
Have a good weekend everyone and thanks for visiting Mrs Twins today.  

If you put your mouse on the individual photos you will be able to read the text.


~~~ Sue ~~~

UPDATED Saturday

I'm adding this at the bottom of Friday's post because I have to go out, bit rushed for time today. But I so...wanted to get these Squares on for you all to see.

Louise over on SIBOL, one of our 'team bloggers' has very kindly sent me these gorgeous Squares. They arrived this morning and I just couldn't wait to show you all.

Aren't they just superb! Gosh all these Flower Squares just fantastic! I'm sure you will like them. Please enjoy her Squares.  Thanks ever so much Louise.  There is always plenty to see over on SIBOL, new Squares arriving daily! 

Have a good Saturday Everyone!


  1. Those are just gorgeous! She really does great work. Do you realize how you have drawn the best out of so many people with your SIBOL project? You deserve such a big hug from all of us, it has made each and everyone stop and think and then create. What a great job! :)

  2. Amazing squares and the perfect photo shoot is on the grass

  3. Haha, I had fun with Pilar's notes on the parcel in Flickr. Her squares are gorgeous, I love the bee one.

  4. What wonderful squares! Gosh, a lot of work has gone into those! Lovely slide show, Sue! :)

    Pilar, Eres muy lista! :)

  5. Thanks Pilar, Thank you all! Have a good Weekend everyone! x

  6. More breathtaking squares! You have certainly drawn out the artiste in many crocheters.
    Sue you do such a lovely job of making up the blankets. Do you do a couple of rounds of single crochet around the squares before putting them together?

  7. Maree,
    Yes I do for the simple reason some of the squares are smaller than the others so I have to make them the same size. But I just love making the blankets great fun, thank you Maree!

    Thanks Ladies, I'm so grateful for your comments and I'm pleased you enjoyed the Slide Show! I love making the Slide Shows!


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