Thursday, 6 May 2010

Do you like Crocheting Flower Squares?

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all your great comments on my 'Fun In The Sun' - named by Azbelle (Sandy). It was great fun to do. I'm pleased you liked it.

Just reminding you today that our 'Flower Challenge' runs out on the 31st May.  So if you like making Squares with Flowers in please have a go and send them so I can put them into Blankets for the Elderly. I'm really looking forward to this Challenge. 

Would you like to see the Squares received today? Both sets are really pretty and I'd like to thank Kinsey (MSE Forum) and indeed Lili 4g from France.  They really are gorgeous.

Here's Kinseys Squares.

Squares for our 'Flower' Challenge. From Kinsey (UK) Thanks so much they are beautiful!

Lili 4g from France - Your Squares!

Lili 4g from France sent me these Squares. They arrived this morning! Thanks so much they are gorgeous!

Enjoy your Slide Show!

Please include your Name,
                              Email Address
                              Flickr Name (If you have one)
                              Blog Address (If you have one and
                              Internet Name.

So I can get in touch to say they have arrived!  I hope you all join in the fun with us.
Have a lovely evening!


  1. I loved your blog, crocheting is very neat, congratulations you beautiful things
    A big hello from Montevideo, Uruguay.

  2. Hi Sue

    I have just started some flower squares for you, two done already and will do some more. You have received more lovely squares to keep you busy. Love Kim x

  3. I just went in to overload. I promise to get mine there by the due date...let keep our fingers crossed on that one.

    I don't know how you are doing it... Have you planted anything yet?


  4. Hi Mrs . Sue .....all these squares are very pretty.They are so cute.beautiful,You are doing a GREAT JOB.


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