Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Tuesday has nearly gone - New Flickr Galleries.

Hi everyone!

I'm late with my post. It's getting near my bed time. Just to say the 'Ripple' is getting bigger. I'm nearly there now. Shops tomorrow for more cream wool. Next time I do a large project I'll be sure to have plenty of wool in. I've ran out a few times during this project. When will I learn my lesson?

This morning I had fun and games on Flickr. Has anyone else tried out the new 'Galleries'? Great way to make albums of your favourite pieces of work from Flickr friends. They each hold 18 photos. Nice too that everyone can make comments. I've got some great photos in already and I've made three albums. I had to break away from it as Crocheting called. I desperately wanted to do some work on the blanket today.

I met my daughters for lunch so that was nice today. They both work locally so I can see them at a moment's notice which it literally was. Then visit to my mothers afterwards. Back home for a nice hot chocolate and rippling commenced again. sshh! don't tell.

I'm off to bed now. Nitey nite, don't let the bed bugs bite!

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