Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Three tiered Cake Stand.

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Hi Everyone!,

Middle of the week already! This week is flying by. My husband has a few days off and my routine has gone to pot! This morning I did do a really good clean up from top to bottom. I usually do this everyday but it's been quite difficult with him at home. We have also been out and about so time has definitely not been my own. We've had a nice few days together out for lunch to a really pretty pub out in the country. I wish I had taken a photo now, nevermind. I know you Ladies in America are loving the English places.

When I came back I went on to my blog and I was very pleased to see my friend Elizabeth Creative Breathing had joined us all. So Welcome Elizabeth, isn't this just fun! Now Elizabeth is asking for a close up of the cup cakes. Unfortunately, the photo was taken around 6.00pm and already the light is starting to close down on us. I shall try for another one tomorrow. So I hope this is okay for you Elizabeth. I have to admit as I've said before they are not my cupcakes. I didn't make them, they are in fact shop bought Greisla Graham. Cakes for us all without the calories!

The cake wire stand isn't it gorgeous? When my husband and myself went to the Gardening Show at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham we came away from an outside shop with this little three tiered wire cake stand. I had been looking for one for ages and at only £10 I couldn't resist. It looks quite pretty in my room.


  1. You little joker.. I thought you wiping up all those cupcakes... But, still too cute. We need directions.

    You know I want that cake tier... I've been eyeing it up for quite a while.

    I added a link from this blog day over to my blog day for you to see how it looks. Let me know if my directions helped.

    You are doing a great job with all this. Remember I taught travel on the computer for 20 years, created manual, designed software like Travelocity, so some of these little shortcuts are second nature to me. You wouldn't believe just how fast I am at getting to those numbers if you think about it in regards to travel reservations.

    Big Frosting Hugs,

    The Garden Bell - Katester

  2. It's so very nice to meet you, Mrs. Twins! I met you through Elizabeth. You have a very nice blog. I love that ripple afghan. Your cake tier is pretty too. Twyla

  3. Oooohh, I really love those cakes. It so inspired me to make one but ran out of yarn. Your photos are so pretty Sue! And you're doing great with your blog. Keep it up!

  4. So nice to meet you, Sue, just flown over on Kate's link via the wonderful inspirational Lucy on Attic24.
    Love the cake stand. Now I feel hungry!


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