Monday, 28 September 2009

Flowers in my Garden.

Well it's the 28th September today, I just can't believe the warm weather we are still having. The evenings are getting dark sooner and this morning did appear to be darker when we got up. I thought we was in for a rainy day, but I'm just looking out of my Kitchen window now and there is glorious sunshine.

I just couldn't resist taking some photos of the Geraniums still in flower in my pots outside. My hanging baskets have now started to die, in fact Mr.T threw them out yesterday. But the Geraniums well they are doing just fine.

Geraniums in my stone trough.

They seem as though they are keeping in flower later this year,or perhaps it's my green fingers at long last!

I hope everyone had a good weekend, it does make a difference when we have some nice sunny days!

Welcome to the newbies! Tabitha thanks for looking in and Vivian. You are most welcome to join us.


  1. Soooooooo jealous. My Geraniums are now long gone and replaced with Mums. It's so sad when you have to put the garden to bed for the winter...

    So, I'm seeing some new goodies on the sidebar. Do tell, please...

  2. Your flowers are beautiful! Looks like you have a green thumb!!!!


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