Friday, 11 September 2009

An important day for me - Bird Cage.

Has anyone read the 'Creative Breathing' blog? Elizabeth is such a wonderful writer. Her posts are really interesting and back in June she showed photographs of a white Bird Cage. She made beautiful red roses and green leaves out of felt and attached them to the top of the cage. I was so inspired that I thought I would like to have a go myself. Until last Saturday I was having trouble finding a suitable cage they were either too tall or too wide. I took my mother out for the afternoon we visited our local garden centre and there hanging up in the gift department were beautiful cream vintage Bird Cages. Well I could not resist purchasing one I love this sort of thing as many of you know.

So in the week I started making the Carnations and leaves. The pattern for the Carnations was sent to me by my friend BrendaS2 on Flickr, but it can be found by clicking onto The Carnations are very simple and 'grow' very quickly. I went on to You Tube to find out how to make a corsage with real flowers, then adapted the same idea to my crocheted flowers. Then threaded the corsage through the wires of the Bird Cage.

I shared my photo with Elizabeth and I was really surprised when she mentioned me in her blog on Tuesday 8th September. So thank you Elizabeth it is so nice on Flickr to be able to view everyone's work and then get inspiration to do your own.
This really was an important day for me, to be featured on Elizabeth's blog was a real honour. She gives everyone such a lot of inspiration.


  1. Well, good morning to me and good evening to you. What a lovely picture. You are moving right along. Probably going to try and get out more. Still working on this whole picture loader thing and followers. Any clues would be appreciated. Keep up the good work.

    Have a great weekend

  2. You know, I've seen this photo before in your photostream. But I swear it's not as beautiful there as it is here. Why? Maybe the blog made it more beautiful?

    So blog more my dear. :)

  3. OK, so here another fun site I just found to play with. I didn't go PRO... but lots of free widgets to add. Now you can see my weather.


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