Wednesday, 30 September 2009

A mom with her twins.

I have had this picture for many years and although over time it has worn it means a lot to me. I had a Double buggy very similar to this one a McClaren. It was a really lovely buggy, so light to push. I would often stop and take a break. The picture for some reason just reminds me of 'me'. (Without the hat!).

When my daughters were little I joined a Twins group. I had many good get-to-gethers with other moms. I made some really good friends. We often shared play afternoons and visited parks etc., Those early days hold very special memories for me. I'm so pleased I was able to capture my memories and put them into photo albums. Of course the quality of the pictures 20+ years ago was not as good as it is now. Digital is fantastic and been able to put them on to the computer, well that's wonderful. I doubt very much whether I would have had time to play with the computer though. Our lives were very hectic indeed. It was a great fun. So special to see two babies reach milestones. In those days 'going back to work' after having your baby was really not as popular as it is now. You had your babies and you stayed at home to bring them up. The thought of going back to work never even crossed our minds !

I enjoyed taking them out in the Double buggy, although it took me ages to get anywhere. People would stop me all the time and admire my beautiful babies. I dressed them the same while they were tiny but as they got older they had the same dresses but in different colours. I embroidered their initials on their clothes so people could tell them apart even when they started school. I still have their very first baby clothes I treasure them like any mom would.

This picture was painted by Sandra Fisher and it was placed into an auction to raise money for the Multiple Births Foundation in 1990. I was given the picture on a card and have always kept it.

It brings back memories for me.


  1. Very very sweet and I really like this picture.

    But, you are suppose to be getting some sleep, my friend...

    Did you see Creative Breathing is still blogging... I don't know whether to respond or not. I'm hesitating as I don't want to encourage her is she is working on cutting back... Any thoughts?

  2. Lovely picture of mother and babies in the pram. You're really a sentimental softie -- just like me. :~)

  3. You are a great and lovely mother!
    Best wishes with your new job: this blog.
    A kiss and my love,

  4. thank you for adding me as a contact on your flickr, i am from the UK south east london, have a little boy of 16 months. Your blog looks great.

  5. Hi Sue!
    I'm Karin from the Netherlands.
    Thank you for making me a Flickr-friend.
    I just signed in as a follower of your blog.
    I hope you will visit mine. Although it's in Dutch....the pictures are universal.
    I love crocheting. It makes me very happy. Since 2 months I rediscovered it when I visited Lucy's Attic24..... I suddenly knew that this was IT!!!
    So... I started crocheting and I started my here I am!
    Hope to see you!


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