Sunday, 20 September 2009

A Stork keeps me awake!

It's Sunday afternoon 2.15pm here in the UK and I'm feeling shattered. A certain feathered friend kept me awake ALL night!

23 years ago when our twin daughters were born, my family came to the hospital to meet our twin daughters for the first time. They bought with them the most beautiful baby girl flower Stork display. It was made out of wire and had an oasis in and a lovely display of pink and white flowers. Carnations and Chrysanthiums.

The flowers died off within a week or so, but I have always kept the stork. Over the years the paint on the wire has flaked off and quite honestly it's looked tatty.

While making the Ripple I decided that when I had finished the blanket I would start on refurbishing the Stork. I removed the old fur which was literally hanging off and also the flaky white paint, which didn't require a great deal of effort. I originally started winding white wool around the legs but then decided to change the colour to orange. Also added an orange felt beak and wired in an oasis.

Then it was time to make the body. I decided I wanted a ruffled look, so I started using the pattern which I used for the flowers. Only in white this time and I knew it would be a lot bigger. I eventually got the ruffled look. I then folded it in half and put it around the Stork's neck and sewed a couple of stitches to hold it in place. Then afterwards I made a small round piece of crochet using trebles and then sewed this on to the ruffled part (a bit tricky as it was on the Stork - nevermind) to form the back.

Then I started making my flowers. The usual Deep Pink Carnations, Light Pink Rose buds and Green Leaves. Then I wired them up just like the Florists do theirs and stuck them into the oasis.

I'm pleased with it now, it certainly looks a lot better. It's given it a new lease of life and I know I shall keep it forever, I treasure it dearly. That's why I'm really, really tired today I worked until this morning and then lay on the sofa with Sue's Candy Ripple Cuddle Hugger and fell asleep until my husband came down at 8.00 am in the morning to get ready to go and watch the British Touring Cars race at Northampton. Guess what....I've had a nice day to myself updating my photos on Flickr and writing this post. Rest today from Crocheting. I really must sort out my wool box and organise myself better that's for another day.

Hubby is on holiday for the next two days, so we may be out and about! I can't sit on here all day when he's at home :(!

Happy Sunday! It's a gorgeous day here again in the UK.

Bye for now.......


  1. Oh Sue! This is just beautiful! I think I like the stork's body best because it's so dainty and fluffy like clouds. You really do wonders with your hook!

    You've been wicked, working well into the night. Haha! I also do that, when i get carried away with an interesting project and I can't wait to see the finished product.

    Miss you so much Sue. Drop me a line when you have time.


  2. Now are those two little one too die for cute. Love the stork. Great job on this project. It went so quickly. What's up you sleeve next.

    Looks like you are moving right along on the blog. Great job with the multiple picture post.

    Took way too many photos over the weekend to go through all and write a blog tonight. Will save for tomorrow. I did put a few up on Flickr... More to come.....

    P.S. If you click on some of the gadgets on my blog it will take you right over to where I got the code to add. The map one I just added is cool to see who is looking and from where.


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