Friday, 18 September 2009

Sue and her first Ripple!

Sue and her first Ripple!
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Well I'm going to post this photo. Not too good, but here I am this is what I look like :( (Grey hair and all). I can never smile on photos, and my eyes always seem to be closed even on my Wedding photos back in1983. But as my Ripple is finished I thought it might be good for me to have a photo taken with it. So I asked my Husband this morning and he reluctantly took one, he was getting late for work.
I still don't know how to get the photo to follow on after the post. Can anyone help me please? In Layout, there doesn't seem to be an option. I tried to carry this on after 'The Day we met' post, but couldn't. These little things annoy me slightly.

My friend (Garden Bell) over in the USA remarked last night about me getting the hang of my blog. She's right in what she said about a blog being a place for 'mindless rambling'. I certainly do that as I'm sure you will all agree. I lead a quiet life being a 'homemaker', 'housewife' whatever. Apart from my family I have little to talk about, but what I do enjoy is chatting to all my friends in Flickrland about their crafts (and mine), so I suppose my blog is just going to be about that and I suppose what is going on in the world. I have been chatting away about photos in Flickrland and this seems a natural progression to me now, my own blog. I have always wanted my own web-site and have never known how to go about one, as BrendaS2 knows! Somewhere I can post my photos. This is so wicked!! I'm trying to get my best friend to do one now I'm sure she would enjoy it as much as I do.

Oh well, another cup of tea. Someone or something is waiting for me, you will see very soon I hope.

'All finished!'.


  1. The easiest way to get your photos on your blog is through Flickr. Open your blog in one window and your Flickr in another. Click on the photo on your Flickr page that you want to add to your blog, and along the top of the photo, click "All Sizes". I usually choose Medium, it's a nice size. Under the photo will be a link with the HTML code (it's the first box under the photo), copy and paste the link into your blog and the photo will appear when you post the blog. This way you can have several photos in you blog post, and you can position them wherever you want!

    Hope this helps!

    - Amy

  2. Oh! That's great thank you so.....much. I wil try that. It's just knowing how isn't it? You've made my day thank you.!!!!

  3. If you want to include a photo as Amy says above, you'll need to paste the link to the Flickr photo in the html view of your blog post.

    If you upload your photos via Blogger you can cut and paste the bit of html that contains the link to your photo anywhere within your blog post.

    But I suppose it's probably useful to have a rough idea of what html looks like. I'm certainly not an html expert in any way.

  4. First, it's so nice to see your picture. As you know, I sort of off the wall at time. But, I love gray hair and can't wait for my to get this pretty. Just sort of still mousie. You look so comfy all wrapped up out in your beautiful garden. The potting shed is wonderful.

    In regards to all the above mentioned. Both will work. I am still using the Blogger uploader and not moving from Flickr. I have found that some photos I want in the blog but not over posted for all in Flickr. After my photos load up there is a tool bar that let's you decide center, left, right and also size. I keep forgetting to click on the larger size. You can also set how your text will be aligned. Just keep playing with it. You are doing just fine, my Flickr/Blogger-land friend. Gotta run for now. Lots to pickup before my haircut.

  5. My hat is off to you for all you have accomplished! I can barely figure out how to get around in Flickr and Facebook!
    Congratulations on your 25th anniversary!! It sounds as though it was truly meant to be!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!


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